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  1. Thanks all. The colour was a large part behind how I got the car. I was looking to buy a yellow hatchback, had been going back and forth between a Citroen DS3 Sport and a Suzuki Swift Sport. Had basically made my mind up on the Suzuki as the DS3 was out of my budget. Drove out to the Suzuki dealership to test/buy a manual in yellow they had advertised on carsales. Unfortunately it was still in storage, so I arranged to test it the next day. Decided to do some tyre kicking and as I was walking past the Renault dealership on my way home I spotted the yellow Clio. Took it for a drive and it blew away the DS3 and Suzuki.
  2. Just thought I'd say hi, new Clio 200 owner here. Took delivery of a Clio 200 AGP on Saturday (It's #3), It's done 12,600 km, but other than a tiny crack on the front bumper, it looks brand new. Bit dirty in the photo, but it came up really nice when I washed and waxed it Have also ordered an Akrapovic exhaust, should be installed in the next couple of weeks.
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