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  1. david156

    New 265 RS

    Welcome mate Had my 265 Cup for just over a month and love it to death. Enjoy!!!!
  2. Congratulations mate from a fellow new 265 owner...looks great in black, enjoy!
  3. Thanks fellas, I'm a very happy chap at the moment....forgot to take the manual out of the car so I could read it on my travels ah well, I think I'll have this car for a while, plenty of time to figure it all out
  4. Matches to the drivers' side, dunno about the recirc though, think I've got a bit of manual reading to do!
  5. Cheers weetbix Absolutely loving it so far, although I wish the default setting on start up was for sport mode, who buys a 265bhp car and doesn't want all the power all the time Very impressed with the build quality, no rattles or squeaks, the switchgear isn't quite up to German standards but still pretty good. There's a few French quirks I've come across so far, to get the climate control to match zone temps you have to hold down the "Auto" button for 2 secs and the cruise control switch is in an odd place, plus the stalk controls are a dark art that I think may take more than a day to master! But as all you guys will already know, it feels alive and wants to be driven hard all the time, I've had all sorts of cars over the years but I've never felt as connected to one so quickly, it's a superb machine and it looks stunning (I'm biased of course) Unfortunately I've got to work all weekend so its now parked up in the garage at work, probably for the best.....as you say, double demerits this weekend, it's a difficult car to drive sensibly!!
  6. Couple of self indulgent piccies
  7. Finally picked it up today, had a delay sorting out the finance paperwork so couldn't get it Wednesday. Well worth the wait though, came back from Gosford down the Old Pacific Highway, most enjoyable ..the car just grips and grips..quite a different animal to the Golf, I could potter around in that like it was a run of the mill hatch, the 265 feels as though it wants you to wring it's neck everywhere, going to struggle to keep the points down on my licence in this!!!
  8. Cheers fellas..I'm a Pom (please don't hold that against me), so Euro cars are the norm for me. Trading up from a MK V Golf GTi, very nearly didn't even consider the 265 as I didn't think the build quality would be up to much, but was in Melbourne the other week with a bit of time to kill and just happened to see a white one in a showroom, thought it looked pretty cool so I went in for a proper look and was really impressed with it...then I drove one...what a great car, so glad I did! Will get some pics up to show off soon, dead excited, long time since I've had a brand new car
  9. Hi all New to the forum, just ordered a new 265 Cup in white, pick it up Wednesday, can't wait First time I've owned a French car, had Alfas, BMW's and VW's before, looking forward to driving something a bit different for a change. Looks like a great forum too. Dave
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