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  1. Yes it keeps getting better! After my first track day the exhaust started making more cracks and pops. Just had centre resonater chopped today and it is cracking like mad. Well worth doing! Oh and you should just hit that sport button every time you start the car
  2. Very nice! Good combo black with leather, same as me. Prick to keep clean but boy do they look pretty when all shined up.
  3. weetbix


    yeah you are right, I got confused and thought hithere's post was from conr....
  4. weetbix


    oh sorry read you had it 8 months. Still, not long I guess. So was it some sort of ECU fault? DSG? Warranty couldn't sort it out? Did you like the car other than that issue?
  5. weetbix


    What was it about the Scirocco R that you didn't like? Something must have really been annoying you to sell after only 3 months. I was considering one when I got the 265, I thought the Scirocco was pretty damn good! The 265 was better of course.
  6. Very nice! Looks great... love white cars. How are you liking it? Initial impressions? Shame its double demerits this weekend!
  7. Congrats, you are going to love how much more exciting the RS is over the golf. I got my 265 a couple of weeks ago... first french car too. The more I drive mine the more I love the thing.
  8. I'm loving this car more and more every day! some pics in this thread. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=24893
  9. Well I picked her up late today... been driving since! Looked so good there on the showroom floor when i picked her up. Took my time inspecting it was mostly perfect. One headlight had a scratch but they are going to sort that out for me. Took it up the old road and stretched its legs a bit... what a fantastic car! Truly amazing bang for buck... its a hoot to drive Feels so well sorted and balanced. And the driving position is spot on. Doesnt quite sound as cool as the modded xr5 but it still sounds good in sports mode. Few cracks and pops echoing off the rocks up the old road. Already had some french car quirks. Auto wipers going nuts at nothing. Rear wiper has a demon in its and just turns on when it feels like it. Air con lost its setting when I turned the car on once. Drivers door creaks, something in the back left of cabin is rattling. Passenger seatbelt clip kind of sticky when you unclip. Not fussed, it drives amazingly and I will give it time to iron out the interior spooks. Only thing that caught my attention is if I put the car under load there is a slight clunking rattle type noise from the engine bay. Anyone noticed something similar? It is like when you nearly stall a car and push through it and you get that clunking noise... Should I be worried? WIll put some pics up when I get to the pc. Just on my phone now.
  10. Whats the general consensus on run in for these cars? Had a bit of a search but couldn't find much on the RS250/265. I am assuming just drive it normally, vary the load and rpm, dont redline the crap out of it for 1000kms or so...
  11. Picking it up on friday! Little bit excited.
  12. Yep I agree the straight line power is not exciting, but is is adequate, and put some bends in there and it really comes to life.
  13. Hi all, Deposit is down on a 2013 rs265 cup, star black with leather. Should be picking it up next week if all goes to plan Just sold my 2010 xr5, I have been on the focus forums and watched with interest as pbeyerman turned his xr5 in to a monster, then sold it for an rs250! He seems to love the new car, and after driving the 265 I was very impressed at the performance for the price. I love my cars and and have had a few goodies in the past. My favs would be a tuned 08 audi s3, 04 rx8 and a 96 s14 200sx with lots of mods. For my next car I want a sub 50k hot hatch which puts a grin on my face in standard trim, and the 265 does just that. I found it far more engaging than the other options for similar money. Anyway I look forward to reading the forums and finding out more about these awesome cars. Cheers, Jono
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