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  1. 45SET

    And I'm Back...

    Picking the car up tomorrow after work! Found out I've got #0366
  2. 45SET

    And I'm Back...

    I sold the 197 back in Feb, and haven't actually had a car for the last 6 months. The push bike has been great, but has it's limitations. I'm still waiting on delivery (And subsequently the build number), but I should be taking delivery of my new pearl white 275 Trophy in the coming week! I always thought I'd be back in a RS one day, but didn't realise it would be so soon!
  3. Nah, start a new one. We have the space for it New thread made in "Members Rides" http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=24846
  4. LOL... It's not an unmarked police car. I was actually rather surprised with how little police presence I saw. Only marked car I saw was around the 12 Apostles, and that was to tell people not to park infront of the vistor centre.
  5. Could I please have a mod move this thread to the "Build Threads" section, Thanks. I had my first decent drive in the Clio on the weekend, and this can basically sum it up in two pictures
  6. Wow, people are still replying! Well first mods were done to the car, a set of RE002's. I took a corner that I know fairly well last night, with the old tyres I had to slow down a bit, as I was scared of understeer (They were some 2nd hand Falkens to pass RWC when I bought the car). The new RE002, slowed down just as much, threw it into the corner, came out the other side going just as quick, and it didn't even feel like the car made an effort! So much more confident on these new tyres, and they've just changed the entire car! I had a massive grin on my face after that... I just h
  7. That's perfect height! I'll have a look for your build thread too see the size of your rims! I'm guessing the 197 & 200 run the same guards.
  8. Sik post brah, I'll be sure to read more of them! Once I sell a few more parts that I have lying around from my Integra, I'll look into getting the springs, but it's something I really feel the car needs. I can't believe how high it sits when compared to most other cars!
  9. Well aware... & they look like they would fill out the guards on the Clio too! They're also in Melbourne!
  10. Thanks guys, AeroD, I've found a sit in the UK that do basically everything in CF, so I have to keep away from that site. But "IF" I get rims, I was actually thinking white, but with the black headlights, the black might be a better choice. But lowering it a tad is one thing I really want to do. Love the car, but it just sits a bit too high - As you can see from the pictures of my old Integra, I like the lowered look.
  11. Nemz: Thanks, was very proud of the DC5, and didn't want to do any of the "ricer" mods. But I never got to race it, just the one Gym-khana. Walkie: No, never been to Tassie, so part of the reason I really want to go. I live 10 min away from the boat, so a good excuse I guess Busgo: I'll look into that, always been a fan of big drives! Well, I picked up the car today, and couldn't be happier. The previous owner has been fantastic! This was his second Clio (First being a Gen 2), so I knew he had looked after it. After driving it around today, I'm loving it. Hopefully I can get away
  12. Hi all, I’m new to the forum and the Renault scene all together. My name is Robi, recent immigrant to Melbourne (Originally from Brisbane) and have owned a few "Hot Hatches", with this being my 3rd (Also my 3rd car). My 1st car was a Seat Ibiza GTI. Nothing special, typical 1st car, owned it for 2 years, and then moved on. 2nd car was a 2002 Honda Integra Type R - DC5. I loved this car, and owned it for 6 years. The only sold it due to my move down to Melbourne. The car was heavily modified, and after talking to a few guys I knew through the Honda scene that lived down here, t
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