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  1. Hi....missing too many pictures. Please help..Thanks.
  2. Please make me a normal member pls... Thanks.
  3. Yeah,..would be a random thing. I have seen another in VIC around Glen Waverley area. That's it. The yellow bits are pretty loud....
  4. Congrats! Where did you buy the car from? I know of a Grey 265 demo for sale there.
  5. Thanks Nemz. Anyone else having a RB version?
  6. Thanks mate. You are right. Not many people signed up yet. Best Regards, Alex
  7. Hi All, This is my first posting. Bought the RS 265 Redbull Edition early Jan this year. The car is simply stunning to look at and great to drive. My RS265 is numbered 60/522. I am curious what are the numbers here in Australia as I was told the numbers are random that come in to this country. Best Regards, Alex
  8. Hi 27AME - Congrats on your car. I have bought a Redbull edition as well. What's your number? Mine's 60/522. Alex
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