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  1. Inspection done and no structural damage just a couple of panels have the odd scratch / paintwork...all fixable. Major issue are the rotors and pads need replacing. Question is, besides the stealer what are the options for getting pads straight away (i.e. Friday / Saturday)...I can probably get away with just pads to get the blueslip.... For the rotors I assume the cup versions are the 312 dia. disks...I'm keen to sort everything out asap....so would like to look at the local option. Other than that not much wrong with it. Chassis dead straight, radiator never been moved etc.
  2. Definitely a collision. I have the photo. Basically the front bumper was scratched and scuffed and the bonnet bent up in the middle by about 30mm...that's it. It doesn't really add up to me. Spoken to Paul and he suggested a full inspection by someone completely independent like nrma (who incidentally did the repair work). We'll see what they have to say...could it be that a front end collision in a megane is an automatic write off? Keep u posted.
  3. Nrma inspection booked in...will see how it goes:-)
  4. Well I've just done a revs check and it's listed as a write off in QLD...it's obviously been fixed and then re-registered. According to the seller it was a minor front end prang which meant the headlight needed replacing and the bonnet got a little bent. What else would have happened if this was the case.This doesn't completely scare me off as it felt nice and solid....and the engine bay was nice and clean. The only thing I really recognized was a scraping noise coming from the front rotors which were a bit rusty...I think my old meg did this also... So he won't be getting $14 from me....but should I be completely scared off....I figure if I have $2k up my sleeve to fix bits and pieces I'll still be up a bit. If I do it I'll need someone to have a good once over before the end of the month...can you guys recommend anyone else.
  5. Had a drive this morning....forgotten how quick they are. They go like the sh#t dont they. Makes my jeep feel like a tank. Anyway got it for 14 so it's a good price I thought. It's a bit rough around the edges but should clean up ok. Will pick it up this week and get a full service done. So questions are: 1. Where do I get a full service done...I see everyone goes to ap automotive in Carlton? 2. Do I buy parts beforehand to save some cash. If so who from...waiting for stuff from the uk isn't an option as it will take a couple of weeks and I'd prefer to have it done before that. 3. It had one of the round covers in the front right wheel arch missing...remember my old meg lost one also...not a biggy but would like to have everything fixed up. 4. Oil filters..air filters. Are Ryco ok...I've always used them and they seem fine.. 5. Engine mounts...seemed good. No knocking and everything felt tight. 6. Windows and mirrors all work perfectly. Price ....what can I expect to pay? I keen to get another 5 years out of her...so don't mind paying a bit. Thanks guys, Nik
  6. Thanks. Any thoughts on a 2007 rs225 with 55k on the clock without a timing belt change.
  7. Hi all, Haven't been on this forum for a couple of years. I had a Megane 225 LXR a couple of years ago and then a Koleos...both great cars except the megane moon roof was a bit rattly. Question is I'm looking to get a second hand 225 (cup)with about 55K on the clock - 5 years old...what should I be looking out for? I don't think its had the timing belt done so how much will I be looking at to get that done (not at renault).... Thanks, Nick
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