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  1. At least you only had the one door handle come off, ive had both mine ripped off. And the steering wheel came off in my hands while i was driving. These french cars hey? Just built so shoddy -_- He's no renaultboi that is for sure haha
  2. henders

    Pommy in Sydney

    new'astle? haha im from sheffield pal Ahh a Yorkshireman, some nice roads out that way. And not a southern shandy drinking puff who got us the reputation for liking warm beer here in Australia!! Haha. hahahaha! Yeah I much prefer a cold beer, not that shandy sh!te haha I lived not too far away from snake pass, that's an awesome road when quiet. How long you been living over here mate?
  3. henders

    Pommy in Sydney

    new'astle? haha im from sheffield pal Right that's it I couldn't help myself for any longer, put a deposit on the car The guys at my work (im a mechanic at a JLR and Holden service centre) think im mental for going french and buying my third clio but hey what do they know I genuinly think i'm addicted to the damn things haha
  4. henders

    Pommy in Sydney

    I was tempted to but as I said to aaron, if someone comes along with the money, sell it. There's no point in waiting for me really.
  5. henders

    Pommy in Sydney

    I really am hoping to god that nobody else comes along and buys it, i'll be gutted, as like I've said i'm already thinking up dastardly plans for it got talking to aaron for a bit, sound guy and also seems to be gutted to be letting it go, can't blame him. yeah im sydney based, near carlingford.
  6. henders

    Pommy in Sydney

    Hi everyone, newbie to Australia and this site but I've been on the cliosport.net website for a good few years. Owned a very troublesome 172 then a 182 (which I've loaded pictures up) and loved them both. Hopefully in mid-late January, after I get back from visiting friends and family back in the UK, i'm going to be buying aarons ITB'd 172 and have already seen and driven it today and i'm already making plans for it ie coilover, strip it out etc to make it into a track weapon anyways that the introduction over and done with, hopefully i'll be seeing a lot of you on meets and drive days
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