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  1. Thanks mate, Liverpool area, SW Sydney. Also a LFC supporter here
  2. Cheers guys, yea selling the mini was tough, owned it for 5 years, my first car, and most of it was rebuilt myself. It just wasn't practical enough since there is no secure parking at work and its a 45 minute drive to my new job, i was to afraid to drive and and leave it in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Cheers guys, the car is quite straight, headlights are quite faded and scratched, ive have read heaps of guides on how to do them so thats next on the agenda after my damn uni exams. Yea looking for a set of used 16" wheels cause cant afford a new set just yet. The mini was way less powerful but as far as handling goes they are quite similar, the clio is of course way more comfortable. Heres my old mini
  4. Hi guys, just saying hello. Name is Matt, I recently purchased a clio 172 with 135000 Kms on it. Completely stock except for the head unit and speakers. I used to drive a 78 mini clubman and after selling that and looking for a car for a month or two I couldn't resist the price, performance, and features of the clio, in other words I didn't want to spend the same amount of money on a 15 year old civic with 200000kms on it and worse performance Driving the car is a real hoot, just need to find some bends First thing I done was service it which was last done 12000 Kms ago when the belts
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