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  1. MURPHY!! Aha i soo am, thanks to you! I should drive in soon
  2. Wow, well that's a good sign at least that the Megs are still a rare sight in Sydney! Haha, actually, i was heading in to watch Dispicable Me 2 with my Gf and sister, they were soo excited to spot you out aha We should catch up for a cruise soon, I live in Wenty, Gf in Livo, so you can show me all the good roads in the west
  3. HAHA YES! That was me buddy, nice bumping into you! was pretty awesome, finally spotting another forum member! Sorry didn't roll down the window i was baffled ; you're the first person I've spotted so far aha, but i did beep alot LOL And btw, those xenons + PW really really really stand out at night, love it! - BTW, you live in the area? i'm keen to find out if there are any upcoming road trips for ozrenault syd?
  4. Aha yes, the corolla was sold in less than 5 days, glad its out of my hands soo quickly
  5. Second that. The Tibors + red pack look great! Thanks guys, the red pack is the extra touch that really makes this car unique
  6. Thanks MoFo, who's the 2nd youngest??
  7. Sup Forum! So I've been stalking ozrenault for quite a few months; admiring all the photos, learning everything i could about the Meg, and ... gazing at HomerLovesBeer's DP each day (Those fine asses are hot! ) Been wanting to buy the beast since beggining of this year, finally bought it June 21st! arrived 24th and have been driving it ever since, all i can say is Such an amazing car. its an RS265 Cup, glacier white, red pack, leather seats. Honestly can say I wouldn't have had the confidence to buy a french car if it wasn't for this forum!! so props to you all Clocked
  8. Best forum to join, alot of friendly people here I'm quite a newbie too but i crawl through this forum every single day. love it!! Can't wait to join some ozrenault events with my soon to be 8:08
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