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  1. I remember in the UK, there were fully functional car workshops with everything you could want - paid by the hour to use anything and everything. I miss the benefits of having 70 million people on a small island.
  2. Amusingly, I checked my connection status in the 275 today and it reckons that it has a solid connection to the network here in Sydney.
  3. Different ESP/Stability programming too. 197 is more conservative, 200 has will take a much 'rougher' corner before the computer tries to minimise your joy.
  4. The problem that you mentioned about the RS Monitor was a common problem around 2 versions of firmware back. I had that when I first bought the car, but it's been flawless since.
  5. Welcome! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. Congratulations on your new purchase - a car that can corner! Great bunch of people here.
  7. I second the comments on Auto Glamour. Got my 275 done there, and friends are also happy with his work.
  8. I've always loved the 106 since Clarkson awarded it the second best handling car in the world after the Ferrari 550 Maranello on one of his annual DVDs.
  9. xx777

    New Trophy-R Owner

    I've got Ceramic Pro 9H on my car, including over the decals. No problems.
  10. xx777

    New Trophy-R Owner

    How much grunt did you have in the 135? I got to drive a manual convertible in the UK with ~500hp at the flywheel and huge Alcon racing brakes. Quite a weapon, and wanted one immediately!!!
  11. xx777

    New To The Scene

    Where are you based?
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