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  1. ^haha you don't need to do any hard sell here, Akra is becoming almost a part of the standard gear for all the 200 owners, looking forward to the mods on ur car, cheers
  2. AeroD

    Melb - New Clio 197

    17inch suits Clio3 very well, but since mine came with 18inch, guess I'll just stick with it, been thinking about go back to 17, less unsprung weight, but need to buy an extra spare wheel so it works out about same sort of money in the end, the H&R spring was money well spent, I can just about put one finger between the wheel and guard, don't want to go any lower or will end up looking like all those sunken cruiseships I see everyday on Dandenong rd hehe, keen to see ur work on the 197, oh love ur DC5, wish I had something like that
  3. AeroD

    Melb - New Clio 197

    Yeah, it was the first thing I did when I got my 200, cost me $400 for the H&R (black), really happy with it, actually the ride is now less crashy over all the speed humps yet feels more planted and stable in hard cornering, see result below
  4. AeroD

    Melb - New Clio 197

    45SET, I tried several times to delete the Streamline Carbon site bookmark without success, the computer must be playing tricks with me hehe. Blue is one of those colours that looks very good both with black and white, gotta love the rally look that a set of white wheels gives u, some say it's pretentious, I say to hell with that! You definately need to lower the car, both Eibach and H&R are good, no need for coilovers like Japanese cars unless u want to take it to the tracks, cos everybody knows that stance is the most important thing hehe
  5. AeroD

    Melb - New Clio 197

    ^^haha my ricer undercover has been blown! can't blame me though, all after I grew up eating rice all my life, hehe, but seriously, we all know that the clio is a complete mechanical package right from the factory, so all we really need to do is customised it visually to our personal preferences I guess.
  6. AeroD

    Melb - New Clio 197

    Congrats mate, the more I look at the 197, the more I like it's front design than my 200, do the H&R spring, you will have the perfect stance, I have the black one fitted and it's actually improved the ride as they are progressive at all 4 corner instead of the factory set up(linear at rear), also get the oz ultras wheel in matt black, a bit expensive I know, but they look smoking hot with blue cars, perhaps some carbon fiber badges to finish off the picture then you will have one car that will pull almost as much chicks as buddy' s f1 car, hehe
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