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  1. The way I see it.. It would be upsetting but I think you're being a little harsh with "you complete and utter lying, disgusting, scumbag, etc..." He didn't try to do the track day and sell it to you without telling you. He changed his mind and he wants to keep the car. No one is going to mount a time consuming and expensive legal fight over a $10000 car. Get over it, there is plenty more cars out there.
  2. I don't really care whether my name is shared either way, but I think this is a little bit ridiculous. Especially that you've decided you'll go through and change peoples names based on their email address, Dish. It's the internet, it's everyone's OWN choice how much information they share. What's next? Name tags at pizza nights/drives? If it's not broken, don't fix it.
  3. sanerr88

    172 to 197

    My old 172, which Jack took care of nicely.. Before -
  4. Hi mate.. They're definitely going to cost that little bit more to maintain than your run of the mill celica/corolla/honda, but as you mentioned.. You've driven one before and you already know it's worth it! At the end of the day I think it comes down to how much work you can do yourself. Timing belt services and what not are best left to the experts and are likely to run you a minimum of around $1200 upwards That's about the biggest foreseeable cost you can expect. Other than that, oil, oil filters, plugs and whatever else are only slightly more expensive and can be done yourself just like every other car you mentioned. I was a little scared off at first but honestly, apart from the different sized sockets and the whole "star bit" Renault uses everywhere there's no difference between servicing my old Toyotas, Mazdas, Nissans etc. You'll be right! It's so worth it =)
  5. I think he means he was sitting on 49 posts? So he means one more until he should theoretically be able to see the images etc..
  6. sanerr88

    New 172

    I am known as the 'AngryMan' on other forums, it's all in good fun. Don't take offense to anything.
  7. sanerr88

    New 172

    Second that, no more posts about noises only dogs can hear. The end. Now start modifying the car and driving it now it was built to be driven
  8. sanerr88

    New 172

    I really don't think its a mount, I've heard the noise (as long as its the one I was shown) its so minor it's not funny. It's more of a creak than a knock or thud. If anything, i'd check all wheels are tight, i had a noise last week and i was thinking it was one of my mounts or possibly my strut knocking, but it was just the front right wheel. Got a half turn on all 4 nuts then presto, no knock. Otherwise I don't think it's much to worry about. It could be that the new mounts are wearing in and are creaking slightly?
  9. sanerr88

    New 172

    Is this the noise you showed me the other night?
  10. sanerr88

    New 172

    Yep not far, my girlfriend lives at Croydon Park. Let me know.
  11. sanerr88

    New 172

    Silverwater, any time man
  12. sanerr88

    New 172

    My power steering is loud as anything also. Paul V ran a treatment through the system then dismantled cleaned and re treated and it quietened it for a while but it's still making a lot of noise, exactly how you described yours. Let me know if you ever want to meet up and check different mods, I've done panel filter, exhaust, removed side feed and I have eibachs and a white line rear sway bar. So you can compare difference..
  13. sanerr88

    New 172

    Agreed- at the moment I ride the clutch as I don't have the friction point down pact yet, however I have learnt little things like how to hill start etc and how the car likes it. Its all an experience for me. I know you may laugh at the clutch comment but I learnt manual on my mums Yaris, the 172 is so much heavier compared to that. From experience however, and this is for everyone, what are some driving tips in terms of prolonging the motor and keeping it as reliable as possible? First time European car owner and I hate the stigma attached. The engine is young , 77,000 Kay's, and I've done the belt and pump, I want to keep this running as long as I can. As you all know I hate thrashing it- not to say I don't plant it, I do, every time I drive, the pull in first and second is scary for such a small car- I understand why you guys said I'd fall in love with it. Also, does this forum have a mods section for newbies ? Down the track (6-7 months) I'd like to change it up a bit, however I have heard these cars work better leaving the motor as stock- be that as it may any advice would be great- id like to possibly change the air intake on it and possibly upgrade to some better brakes. I love the suspension as is. And also, please don't crucify me for being a newbie, you have all been great thus far, but do all clio's feel like the dash has been ejaculated on? Sticky as. Hahaha nice description, if a little disturbing haha. The centre section that surrounds the climate controls/stereo and clock etc is sticky in mine as well, I've found a damp chamois is the best method of cleaning it, also the door pockets with the power window switch surrounds are same material.. I've seen threads on here and CS.net about rubbing the sticky/rubbery finish off, or covering it with vinyl. My biggest gripe with it is it scratches so damn easily. As far as mods go the main ones seem to be a decent panel filter, remove side air feed for noise if that's your thing, exhaust, eibach springs or coilovers and of course RSTuner.. My aim with this car is to not change too much, enjoy it for what it is and keep it reliable. In the past I've modified cars and changed everything about their steering, suspension, exhaust etc and you end up with a car that's more and more trouble and less driveable than when you started! With the Clio I think it really is a case of KeepItSimpleStupid!
  14. sanerr88

    New 172

    I'm from Silverwater mate, hope to receive a pm tomorrow then. Thanks again!
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