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  1. Hey Buddy welcome aboard to the No 1 group in the world 🏁 Good to see another member from God's Country joining the fray... Hope to see you around sometime.
  2. Nice car mate.. Is there any description in the Owners Handbook and Service Books saying what the model is?
  3. The RS alloy nob was 1 of the 1st mods I did and love it. Gives a bit of weight to the action and moves through the gate better. Just have to remember to put the towel over it when parked. QLD sun turns that thing into a branding iron. haha. What was the instaled cost if I may ask?
  4. How did the short shifter turn out mate? Worth getting...
  5. Sorry mate I've been flat out all day and only just logged on. I'm back to work early in the morning over west so out of time do go check. Moosey replied to a post of mine the other day for Crick's and said for me to see Cory or Gus over there as they have been with the brand for a long time and know the product as well being a pleasure to deal with..
  6. What do you need looked at mate? Is the car new, demo or 2nd hand?
  7. Cheers mate. When we ordered the Trophy off Ben at Brighton then had to cancel due to the move to Brisbane I think he said Crick's do all the deliverys for the Alpine when they send them Nth. I didn't get a name to deal with. I have been to Metro to get wiper blades and walked around looking at stock for around 15 min and noone came out. As I was leaving I walked past the Hyundai part of the dealer and checked out the i30N. Within seconds a Salepserson was straight onto me and I couldn't get rid of him. haha
  8. New Year, New Decade... Is it too early to ask for a new "Tag" so we can clearly "see" who the OCD fans are on the page..
  9. Welcome mate... Looking forward to pics once your new baby arrives and thoughts on RS ownership..
  10. Congrats on the purchase mate and love the colour. How did you rate Crick's for the buying process and after sales service? Any advice for a good Salesperson over there? We are in the market for a new RS by June and will start shopping around soon but Brisbane is pretty limited with Renault Dealers.
  11. I hope you came back via the Reefton Spur....
  12. Nice work mate. I did the same debadge but left the RS on. Gotta rep the brand For the exhaust get yourself a sports muffler. I went the Magnaflow. Really nice sound and no drone. I've had the brake light come on a couple of times during ownership but I just put it down to another Renault quirk.
  13. Res delete and sports muffler mate... Magnaflow was my choice. Performance Exhaust out at Knoxfield do a great job and have done a few of the Melbourne Megane's.
  14. It is a drama. You know us RS people are all about the status..... Moosey new year new tags please
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