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  1. Sounds to me like he would have quite a case all wrapped up. But anyway, So you all think this is appropriate to be published in a public gallery? I am not saying he did or did not do the right thing, just that this makes this usually friendly place feel like a bullying ring. All these calls to have him banned etc?? Clearly i am in the minority so i will stop commenting in this thread. Also, yeah i somehow missed the part about the contract? I even went looking before i commented to see i could see it? Must of been too early. Apologies. I agree that you might have been lucky then to just get the deposit back from the seller and be able to walk away if he is such a horrible person.
  2. I agree it sounds a bit funny, but i honestly think publicly name bashing someone is just not on. Surely he would have some form of Legal action against not just yourself but the forum owner for Slander. I have seen this happen with a business on another forum when someone bad mouthed them publicly. The owner of the Forum had Legal Action taken against him. Unless there was a written contract regarding the sale of the car i also do not believe you would have any legal strength anyway? This seems very child like and every one is turning it into a Witch Hunt. We do not know the full story. Just one side of it. Either way, i feel it dirties up the taste of the forum.
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    Finally here!

    Ain't they a blast!! Pmd regarding wheels!!!!! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
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    Cheers all!! So lets pretend i do not know what FRS stands for.. Just pretend So is AP AUTOMOTIVE the place to go for an Alignment for my 172? I am after a Road/Track dealeo. Stu at Sydneys Spinning Wheel has always looked after the MX5 Club with alignments. I was planning to go there but if Paul at AP knows the alignment side of things i can also ask him to fix the washer and seat perhaps.
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    HAHA Yeah did that Krappy but i am always up for the easy fix. Cheers Nemz, the other handles on the seat work, ie- moves forward, tilt etc. Just the collapse forward for rear passenger. Cable may be disconnected underneath or broken?
  6. dweezle


    Thanks Krappy, especially for the long post with all the deets on how to fix it. Much Appreciated. Do you know if there is just one hose from the reservoir to the 2 pumps? If so if that hose was broken/dissconected then it would explain why all go but no show!!
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    The washer issue? Sorry for the noob ness but where is Virage? I tried to google it but no luck. I am sure i could pull everything apart and start troubleshooting but as i am still in the honeymoon phase if the price was ok i would be tempted to just drop it off somewhere and have it solved.
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    Cheers Busgo!! So far i am really happy with it. The weird thing with the nozzles is none work. Not the windscreen, not the headlights, not the rear window. But i can hear the pump when i pull back on the wiper stalk. I am guessing that maybe a hose is broken between the reservoir and the nozzles??
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    Well i now finally belong here!!! Picked her up this morning. Renault Sport Clio 172 2002 94,000Ks, Service history and the previous owner has been using the famed AP Automotive which was music to my ears when he said that. Seems to be in pretty good condition. Got it home and proceeded to give her a bath so that i could go over the car thoroughly. I always find it annoying how i only seem to find issues when i am cleaning the car. I should always just offer the owner to wash the car as my inspection. Anyways, main things i have found are - -Passenger latch to fold seat forward to allow rear passenger does not seem to work. Pull it and the seat goes no where. Drivers side works fine. -Snorkel piece from air box for the cold air feed is buggered. -Fuse box cover latch is dodgy. -Washer system not working. I can hear the pump working but no water is coming out anywhere. -Steering Wheel not dead Straight, drives straight and brakes straight. Will book it in for an Alignment in the next day or so. I always use Stu at Spinning Wheel for the MX5, The guy is a genius. Who is the Sydney Go To Guy for Clio Alignments?? All of these are not really major issues i believe and will start to try and sort them out in the coming weeks. Car drives and feels great. Nice to have some Torque !!! Bring on the FUN
  10. dweezle


    Thanks for the welcomes guys. I am located in the Lane Cove area of NSW. Been helping my lil bro this year in the NSWHCC this year in my old NA6 MX5. I was putting together a turbo beast Mx5 in the garage but now buying a house with the Girlfriend funds are needed. Also, i have kind of become a little tired of the MX5 scene and while i will always have a soft spot for the "lil roadster that could", i want something that i can carry wheels, tools and equipment to the track without taking a spare car or hoping nothing happens. FWD will be interesting to deal with but i will always have the lil bros NA if i want to get a little sideways. We are talking about sharing the 2 cars at different events which sounds great to me. Hope to meet some of you as soon as i get hold of my CLIO!!
  11. Hi all, First up, Great forum you guys have here. I have been a long time MX5er and want a change. Once i get rid of the MX5 and associated bits & pieces, i will be getting myself a 172 I am located in Sydney and just wondering if anyone has a cruise or a meet of some sort organised anytime soon? I would love to come along with one of my MX5's if allowed and have a chat. Would also be keen for someone to take me for a blast in there Clio to show me what they are all about. I will be competing in NSW Hillclimb and Supersprint Championships plus i am hoping there are Clio Club days!! Anyways, Hope to meet a bunch of you in the future and looking forward to getting some Hot Hatch fun!
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