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  1. LTN026

    New to Renault

    Hey DOOK, Are these ARDC private practice days open to everyone assuming L2S? How much track time can one expect? Also which CAMS-affiliated sporting car club is best to join?
  2. Hey mate, as above it seems like the car needed some work done and was offloaded prior to. How did you come to the conclusion a fuse has blown? Can you see where the fluid is leaking from? Sent from my LG-H860 using Tapatalk
  3. If it's running full synthetic the oil would be fine for 15,000 to 20,000km as per oil manufaturers guidelines. Most people do it every 10,000 just because it makes them feel better. As far as breaking in goes it doesnt really need to be done as tolerances are a lot tighter, better materials used and advances in oil technology have made it virtually redundant but if it makes you sleep at night follow as others have said. Sent from my LG-H860 using Tapatalk
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