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  1. The 8 speed ZF in the new BMW's is fantastic, definitely the best self shifting transmission I've driven, works for both the diesels and petrol as well which is impressive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Would you have been stopped behind a LY Clio at the start of Burnt Bridge a couple of days ago? I saw an RB8 there but didn't realise until I'd already left the lights, would've given a wave if I'd seen earlier. Welcome to the fold, I'm sure you'll enjoy the car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I believe this is true but I'm not sure what it got apart from the obvious Recaro's haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I haven't yet driven a 197 but Cloudy has spent a fair amount of seat time in 197's (not an R27 admittedly) and a bit of time in my 200, he says it's a fair bit better, certainly worth trying to have a drive of both to see Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. No problem, I'll take some pictures and do that
  6. So I wasn't really sure where to put this, didn't want to put up a for sale ad because this isn't even definitely going to happen... So, would anyone be interested in buying my Clio? I do really enjoy driving it in the twisties and when I'm out to have fun but I've unfortunately started driving in a lot more traffic than I was when I bought it and am growing a little tired of the harsh ride and something with a bit more torque would be nice in traffic everyday. Some very basic details, 28,7xx kms as of today, body is near perfect, Recaro's have very minimal wear, no kerb rash. For any details or pictures please PM me and mods if you don't like this post go ahead and delete it I'll just add that the car isn't definitely for sale, more just seeing if anyone would be interested, I may decide to keep it in the end.
  7. I'll be sure to keep an eye out, actually exchanged waves with a LY Clio IV last week in Mosman and spotted a very nice silver 182 turning off Wakehurst Parkway on Tuesday, was a little late in seeing them so missed if they waved or not.
  8. Thanks every body, hoping to get out to some drive days in the future. Forgot to mention that i live on the lower Northern Beaches so if you spot me give us a wave/honk/flash and I'll respond in kind if I spot you
  9. Thanks mate, loving it so far, driven more kms in this first week of ownership than I've done most months recently! Never thought I'd own a yellow car either but Liquid Yellow is such a special colour Soon
  10. Hi guys, my name's Mac and I've actually introduced myself a few times over the years as I've come close to buying a couple of 172's in the past but was never able to go ahead. Long story short I ended up test driving a Clio 200 AGP edition (#17) and fell in love, put a deposit down and took delivery of it last Thursday much to Sunny's (Cloudy on the forum) delight after pestering me for many months to get an RS of some sort. Will post some pictures when I get time to take something half decent and might even make a thread for it in the future.
  11. cookie28

    Hi :)

    Haha well I've been obsessed with VW for the last year or so and didn't think of the Clio until a couple of weeks ago and realised they are cheaper than I thought And as a little update to this thread I'm hopefully going to look at one tomorrow so hopefully my car will sell soon and then I can buy this one!!
  12. cookie28

    Hi :)

    Thanks guys now I just hope I can get a clio and be a real part of this awesome community!!
  13. cookie28

    Hi :)

    Thanks guys and cookie28 is because cook is my last name and my dad calls my sisters and me cookie and 28 because it's my birthday (plus it's my username for pretty much everything online haha)
  14. cookie28

    Hi :)

    If only I had money haha
  15. cookie28

    Hi :)

    Thanks I think the hardest part is going to be convincing my mum about the reliability and the fact it "should" be more economical than my Bora but I think I've set my heart on one and was looking at a golf VR6 and then saw the light that the Clio weighs a heap less and makes almost identical power and torque And I'll definitely try to make a meet when the next one in Sydney's on PS I want your green Clio 200 haha
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