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    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Ps with the window switch, for some strange (French?) reason the engine has to be running for the auto up/down drivers window.
  2. philby

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Welcome Ben, glad to see you on the forum with your new purchase! If you want to compare window switches we're probably close enough....... Did you end up booking the timing belt with your mate? Was talking to Reno tech the other day about my airbag light, Miles was really helpful so far and I read a ton of positive reviews about them on this site so will be getting my next belt change through them I think. If only they were a bit closer than Hornsby... Looking forward to seeing the beast and going for a drive sometime, will be the first drive I've done with a fellow Clio owner. Cheers, Phil
  3. Am i the only one who has no idea what a "Floride" is? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome, I was close to getting a 265 a year or so ago but couldn't quite bring myself to get rid of my 172... These cars tend to get under your skin. Enjoy!
  5. philby

    New to Renaults

    No worries Dan, I'm going up to the Blue Mountains in a few weeks will let you know when in case you're interested. Welcome by the way! They really are a fabulous little car, I'm only selling it coz I bought a new one and don't have enough garage space. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  6. philby

    New to Renaults

    Hi Dan, where abouts are you located? I've got a phase 2 in pretty good nick I'm just about to advertise. I'm in Canberra. Cheers, Phil. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks all. Griffyn, thanks for that, I had noticed that the brake lights don't seem to come on until there is a fair amount of pedal pressure, so I will check that out. Cheers, Phil
  8. Hi all, I have been a Renault Sport fan (particularly the Clio) since way back in about 2002. I was close to buying a phase 2 brand new in 2003, but then personal circumstances changed and I was unable to. I have subscribed to Motor/Wheels over the years, and probably read most articles that were written about the RSC. I still have a few of them. Life moves on I guess, and in 2005 I was in a position to buy one of my favourite cars, a 1996 MX5. I had this car for 5 years, and loved every minute of it. My significant other was slightly less impressed, asking on numerous occasions "why do you have to drive so fast around corners?" She's not really a car person..... As much as I loved the Mazda, it was slightly impractical for anything other than commuting or a blast on a road close to home, so I eventually sold it in 2010. I was extremely impressed with everything I read about the RS250 when it was released, and thought seriously about buying one. I read a lot on forums (I joined this one years ago because of it but this is my first post) and was almost put off by some perceived reliability issues. I then heard about the upcoming 86/BRZ and decided that I would check them out once they were released. I guess we all know about the supply issues surrounding the 86/BRZ release, and I thought, to get the car I want, looks like I'll be waiting another year or so. Then I looked on Carpoint a few weeks back, and found myself looking at Clios again. I must have wasted so much time on Carpoint over the past years...... Anyway, I found a 2003 RSC locally about 3 weeks ago, which sounded like the sort of thing I would be interested in, so I went and had a look. I took it for a drive, and made an offer immediately on our return from the test drive. I wouldn't normally do this, I would get an NRMA check etc etc but this one was an original owner, had all the services done, and was in good nick. And I think I was hooked. I have had it for 3 weeks now, and apart from scaring myself reading some of the spare parts prices and things that can go wrong with them on this forum, am loving it. I am astounded at how much fun this thing is to drive, despite all I have read about them over the past ten years or so. Everything seems to work, although the climate control appears to know better than me sometimes what the temperature should be. Also, I had an ABS warning light come on at a set of lights a week or so ago, but I pulled over up the road and turned it off, and when I started it ten minutes later the light was gone....... Anyway, apart from winning the "longest lurker on a forum" award, I thought I would say hello to some like minded people. It's a 2003 Monaco Blue RSC, and it had about 90,000 kms on it when I bought it. I bought it in Canberra, and I'm not sure if the guy I bought it from was a forum member, but if he is and he reads this, cheers Graeme, I appreciate the way you kept this car and want you to know that it is being looked after again now. Cheers, Phil
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