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  1. awesome ride. too bad the sunroof isn't an option in australia.
  2. SoMuchWant

    G'day from WA

    yay! another from perth who's looking to upgrade from a jap to an RS! I'm also hoping to upgrade by end of the year, but if the 265 isn't too far off, will just hold out for that.
  3. SoMuchWant

    Hi all

    I was thinking of complete black Cup Trophee. Either way, I'm still saving up, even with Renault's 3.9%, don't really want a finance. If there is still no news by August, I'll go 250.
  4. SoMuchWant

    Hi all

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I have decided to get a Renaultsport for my next car, but will be waiting on the fine RS 265. In the mean time, I'll satisfy my fascination with this brand by viewing through this forum.
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