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  1. Now I have a recommendations for you. I've asked around and it seems like a trip to a nice small town of Porvoo could be a possible nice day-trip from Helsinki. The fastest route from Helsinki to Porvoo is 51 km but that route is pretty boring. An alternative route with nice twisting smaller roads could be as follows: Helsinki - Sipoo (Boxintie) - Pornainen - Pukkila - Myrskylä - Porvoo That would be 153 km and 3 hours according to Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/Cw93 Wolf: Not much of a RenaultSport scene here in Finland since there are not that many RS cars around.
  2. icecup: Interesting comparison between the GTA and the Clio RS. My thoughts are quite similar when comparing the GTA and the Megane RS. In relation to the weather it is now midsummer and the longest day of the year is today. Up north the sun doesn't go set for two months at this time of the year. SamR: Terve terve. Tämän keskustelupalstan löysin alkuvuonna googlaamalla kun etsin tietoa Megane RS:stä. I gather that you are originally Finnish. Were you born in Australia or have you moved there from Finland? With regards to RenaultSport cars in Finland the Clio RS is not for sale in here but the imports of the Megane RS 250 started a year ago. The Megane RS 265 Trophy has not been officially available around here. I think that most of the previous generation RS models have not been officially sold here either but there are some self-imported cars around. A trip to Nürburgring would've been nice but it was not possible this time.
  3. trixie: I will have to think about some recommendations for you. I'm not from Helsinki myself so don't actually know the roads around there that well. In general typical Finnish things are the lakes which we have 188,000. A lot of people have summer cottages by the lake where they also have sauna. If you would have more than 4 days then I would definitely recommend renting a cottage by the lake to get a good taste of typical Finland. icecup: My Abarth 500 has been sold. Based on your signature you've owned an Alfa 147 GTA previously. I've also owned a 147 GTA. How would you compare the GTA to your Clio 182? Here's my two previous cars:
  4. Thanks for the replys everyone. CHRIS-172 & chiapoco: The car is my daily driver and at the moment I don't have any modifications planned. However I will have have to do some preparations for the winter which means that I will have to buy winter wheels + tyres and to have an electrical engine heater installed. These things are necessary since it can get pretty chilly up here. nemz: Like josh mentioned the liquid yellow would've been my number one choice but I got a good deal on this grey car so I took it. trixie: Unfortunately also the income taxes are high in here. And in relation to cars I had to pay the 23 % VAT and also more than 10,000 eur registration taxes for the Megane to get it registered in here. With regards to your planned trip to Helsinki/Finland you are very welcome here. Definitely very different compared to Australia and also compared to most other european countries. With regards to driving roads are you hoping for some sight-seeing or are you more geared towards trying to find suitable roads for spirited driving?
  5. Greetings from the other side of the world. I'm Portti from Finland and I've been following this forum for few months but only posted my first post this week. I'm a proud owner of a Megane III RS 265 Trophy #422 since March. I bought the car from Wien, Austria and drove it (and took a ferry) back to Finland. A story of my car with pics can be found on my Trophy site in http://www.pertti.com/en/trophy. A couple of pics of my car:
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