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  1. Hugo

    I'm Back!

    Couldn't bring myself to do it lol, Got rid of the WRX fast, but hey now I have lots of go faster spares yes hit the wall at PI then I got taken out at Sandown hit the Armco hard in the WRX and put in hospital for six months. Still doing rehab but getting there
  2. Hugo

    I'm Back!

    Just this old body lol. Still have the crashed car just got the bug last week so had to scratch it
  3. Hugo

    I'm Back!

    After a few years and now OK to drive, not race anymore I bought my wife a RS to drive to work. Let the mods begin
  4. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Thanks Guys Will check out RS at even at mates rates the chip from Wayne is $1500 plus dyno runs so that gives me some extra play money It's in today have some exploritory looks at suspension etc
  5. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Thanks will do Cheers
  6. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Interesting read, yes he did get it wrong back in the early days and most was a JV with overseas businesses. Regarding the last few he did for me all were dyno's three times and have full gas anlaysis performed over a two week period. I have never had an issue but people can make up their own mind. I am not afffiated with Powerchip and these are only my personal observation and opinions . Maybe as I said I should go the BlueFin looking for opinions please
  7. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Something to do with the electronics backing off the torque on over boost I believe nothjing to do with the strength or abaility of it take more power. Just too smart for its own good
  8. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Dish Did I meet you at Cruden Farm the other weekend? I had the blue and white Corvette and red Camaro there?
  9. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    Thanks Guys yes done a LOT of research already and have a little bit of knowledge Bazanko from Powerchip is a friend and says there are issues with the diff and overboosting but has a reverse engineer fix. He has done a lot of protoype work on my race cars over 15 years for me and I trust his judgement . The Focus is a good drive a bit more brutal than the 250 but build quality is poor (In my opinion) whilst I think that Renault has a greater amount of finese to it and I which i think will benefit from sensible mods that match the quality of the chassis.
  10. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    No pics yet only picked it up on Friday. Didnt drive it before just went off the reviews and specs so walked in and crunched them on price . Should be fun! We live in the Yarra Valley Melbourne the wife does horses I do anthing with an engine! Fantastic thing to drive even stock. Hopefully the parts will be here this week so I can a chance to dial it in a little
  11. Hugo

    Another Newbie

    RS 250Cup Trophee, bought it to annoy a mate with a Focus RS . The intention is to Marque sports race it starting January so the mods are starting Any thoughts are appreciated, so far K&N 18" rims with Advan 050 rubber Porterfield carbon kevlar pads and heading to Varex for the muffler. Tossing up between BlueFin or a custom Powerchip anything else I need to do? Strut braces? Thanks Hugo
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