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  1. Welcome! Congrats on the car and colour! Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 4
  2. Could i also get a hand with lifting the restriction? Cheers!
  3. Congrats! My 200 never ceases to put a smile on my face and great call with the LY! first few months of ownership I couldn't help but stare at the little bit of LY visible in the side mirrors. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  4. Thanks Dish! haha I'm actually another brother, you probably would have seen the 3rd eldest or something in Dandenong. We didn't end up swapping them because mum found them bearable so I get to keep the awesome Recaros, thankfully. haha will do!
  5. Nah i dont have the roof racks, although i think i may have seen the same one, ive seen it around the richmond, hawthorn area
  6. Ah okay thanks for all the feedback! And sorry for the late pics, thought i might give the car a bit of a wash first and take some proper pics ... but then it rained and got dirty again hope the photos aren't cut off
  7. G'day guys, I just recently got a the RS200 AGP from the dealers at Berwick and i couldn't be more stoked with it. I've heard a great deal of Ozrenault from my brother synergize84 and i'd love to be apart of it. Just a quick question, does anyone else's RS200 flash its hazards lights when braking hard? And a quick shout out to the blue RS250 at Monash Uni for the little sign up notice! Cheers
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