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  1. Nice pick up. Is it red or grey? I use Dr. Beasley's on my A&D. Beyond sealing it every few months, the matte paint is very easy to take care of. https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/prod ... ection_kit

    My 200 Cup

    Very jealous! Is this the one that sits at the car wash on the corner of Swan St. and Punt Rd.?
  3. Danny -- I'm in Glen Waverley. Andy93 -- Maybe you can help fund my 2118's so you can be different again? Haha. That Guy -- Only for a few months, I bought it off David who is also on this forum and put my wheels on it.
  4. Hi. My name's Phil, I've been floating around here for a little while so I thought it might be worthwhile introducing myself. I own an '04 172 Clio, which has had a few things done to it including coilovers, intake, exhaust, ECU re-map and engine mounts. Next steps are maybe putting a set of Speedline 2118's on it but we'll see how the finances are looking in the new year. Look forward to meeting you guys on a cruise sometime and maybe even a track day at some point in the future.
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