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  1. Thanks Tubbsy, will post a thread up there!
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome guys! I will post up a thread shortly with the other hot hatches that are in contention. Where would be the best place to post? I have just watched that video and a few others from EVO UK and Fifth Gear. Woah, very impressive! Wolf - Yes, there is always a risk posting comparisons on specific make/model forums, but I hope you guys can give me an objective perspective on all the pro's and con's of the RS 200. Also, if you have any experience with the others I post up, then hopefully you can chip in about them too. walkie - umm... maybe. Is there an inside joke here? haha rob 240 - Yes, you are right with the Japanese cars. Modifying is just a way of life. The Japanese just want to improve and make cars better that the factory intended; its in their nature. I'm a bit unsure about the RS 250. I have read great reviews, but am not sold on the exterior aesthetics. Adam.
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Adam, and I'm from Sydney. I am a big Hot Hatch fan, and I am currently doing the research on a select bunch at the moment; one of them being the RS 200 Clio. All of my knowledge relates to cars from Japan however, so I thought I would jump on here and hopefully you all can enlighten me with some info! Kind regards, Adam.
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