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  1. ha ah now i know why i can't see the pics.. I am trying to maintain a low profile.. 15 posts in 2 years.. oops make that 16.. at this rate i will have another 5 years to go..
  2. I am in DY, commuting on the delightful Warringah rd most days.. Have not seen your car around.. will keep an eye out..
  3. G’day all, I have been lurking on here for while waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on the best pre-loved RS I could find.. So now I am the proud owner of Paulo’s silver 182 Cup which is in really amazing condition (Thanks Paulo!) The interior still smells new, maybe just because of the new steering wheel?? Safe to say I don’t think Paulo ate too many Macca’s take aways in this baby. With 52k kms on the clock the car still feels really tight, much better than other examples I have driven in the past. I am looking forward to putting some more K’s on the car so give us
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