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  1. No no... i wish i had a real one have to settle for this version...
  2. Is winter over? Another nice sunny day in sydney.
  3. Yeh of course, but that was just checking everything worked etc and ogling the rear diffuser
  4. Just went for a first proper drive this early morning. What a hoot, was just cruising around mostly cause the roads were a little damp. But even so plenty of fun. I have had an mx5 a few years ago, and a turbo mr2 so making some comparisons, obviously heaps more power than the mx5 and a lot more grip, and quite a bit more brakes. Much more planted than the mr2, that one had stiff suspension so always felt nervous, was quicker but I could never really drive it hard with confidence. I'm over braking everywhere and turning in too much Mid range torque is nice, can leave it in 3rd, 4th o
  5. Yeh the tyres will be done at some point in the next 12months, but need to do the other things first.
  6. A few pics Looks tiny in the garage Probably not drive too much until the belts are done, just in case, as its way overdue based on time. Theres a recent service receipt that goes for three pages from AP renault guys; coolant flush, brake fluid, driveshaft seal leak fix (i think), diagnostics and checks, subframe tightening, diagonal tyre rotation, throttle body clean, etc etc but no mention of the major service. It would have been time! Maybe they let it pass due to the low kms? Got a big discount on purchase price factored in, so all good. With tyres, 2mm above the marke
  7. Long time lurker here ... no more... Just picked up a mint Clio Gordini. Sounds like little fatty in Portuguese so thats what I'm calling it. Plus it looks fat from the rear which is the best angle. Nice drive home, had to take a longer way. Feels nice and solid, with chunky steering feel. Gearbox and clutch perfectly weighted, I haven't driven a manual in 2 years, but felt natural after a couple of mins. It has a cold start roughness for about 15secs, sounds like it's pretty normal here... and I need to get the belts done soon. Otherwise it's perfect, even the tyres are still or
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