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  1. Mate, I too had a mk5 gt diesel that was chipped to 149 kws and you have to be insane to say that the vw had more pulling power than the rs250. The vw power wise is not in the same area by a country mile.
  2. I too am new to the renault familily so welcome and i hope you enjoy your 250 as much as i do. It never fails to put a smile on my face every time i get in it. ENJOY
  3. BenG I doult they would rub on the front as the front guard has no inner lip, however the rear does and even if it did the inner guard I think is only plastic so would only be a matter of having it rubbed back. LARRY
  4. Hi Danny, they are KOYA ENDLESS 19X8.5 45 offset. They weigh less than the originals.
  5. wolf you are a champion for putting those photos up for me. Great pics compared mine, must get a new digital camera, technology not strong point.
  6. They are 19s offset is 45 I wanted that offset to bring the wheel out to fill the guards better. Still handles the same, had the car out at the happy laps and could not believe how it handled. I wanted to bring the wheel out a bit as I dont intend lowering it. LARRY
  7. Thats o.k. Danny I would not do anything to harm my baby. Everything that is done to her money is not spared. Just ask my wife.
  8. Yeah right, as if I would do it myself.
  9. Hi people, as the title suggest, this is my first renault and if the future ones are as good as this, it want be my last. I must admit though I did like the previous rs225 very much. My previous wheels was a VW GT SPORT diesel which after being chipped and lowered was a very nice little package. I had the gt for 3 years and before that had a very warm 06 WRX. Once I seen the ads on TV for the new megane I had to go and have a look and a test drive ( mid nov ) I was only in the car 10 minutes and I wanted one. Gus and Corey from Bryant Byrt were great. I paid my deposit on the day and was told first delivery was 2nd week january ( when i buy a car i want to drive away that day ) so i ask why cant i have the demo. Was told they must have a replacement car first so was told December 20th would be the latest i would get mine, so over the next 2 weeks i went in every day and pested the crap out of them till they finally gave in and i took delivery of it on december 9th. Things I have done since to the car include: Renault Sport decal along front doors and up the rear pillar, colour coded roof to the silver color of the bumpers and mirror. Moulded sub box and high powered amp to fix the sh*t house stereo, new horn ( we all no why ) replaced under warranty new white speedo needle, gloss black 19x8.5 five spoke wheels, interior wise i have changed the gear shift and hand brake cover to almost exactly the same colour leather as the car also the two sections that are in black leather to the yellow as well ( my rs is SPORT YELLOW ) Last but not least all the black trims, vents, and door handles have been sprayed high gloss silver. Thank-you for letting me bore you but I am over the moon with this car. I will post some pics up a.s.a.p. LARRY
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