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  1. I bought a new Audi S3 Sportback in Brilliant Red on Monday, sight unseen over the phone from a Sydney dealership. I was sorely tempted by the RS250 but in the end the extra doors, visibility, interior quality, 7 speed S-tronic gear-box, 3 year free servicing and a cracking price (a significant 5 figure reduction discount off RRP) swung the decision. Paid for it today by bank deposit and hoping that funds clear tomorrow so it can go on the transporter and head North to me to arrive the week after Easter. If it doesn't go tomorrow then it may be the week after that. Thank you to eve
  2. Thanks for all the kind wishes. Insurer rang on Thursday morning to confirm that they wrote off my car ($29K of parts before fitting and painting on a car insured for $34K). Money should be with me next week. Severely conflicted over what to buy. Under considerable pressure to get a 4 or 5 door car (and have been given a discretionary extension to budget to fund this ). Still want to give the RS250 serious consideration, but may actually have permission to get into a new S3 Sportback (which was a non-starter when I first started looking at a new car). Will need to make
  3. Well I might need to make a decision sooner rather than later.... I was in an accident today. I was travelling in a T2 lane with clear road in front, a stationary non-T2 lane to my right, and a car from the opposite direction tried to turn across me into a side street. There was no time to react , all I remember is the impact/airbags going off. My front right collected the other car's front left. Fortunately all the people involved in both cars are shaken but with only minor injuries from the impact.. My son was taken to hospital as a precaution from the impact of the seat belt but
  4. Wolf, Thank you very much the reply. The possibility of getting the Keza wheels on the car would be great. Even better as a factory order. One of my concerns is ensuring the tyre pressure sensors work. A factory order should include them even for the 18" wheel options. Does anyone know if the sensors can be retro-fitted?
  5. Getting closer.... Had the full turbo back exhaust removed from my A3 on Monday and the stock one put back on. Sold the custom exhaust today so a not insignificant chunk of money into the kitty. Still can't decide on the colour - down to Red or Blue. Am finding the 19" "Speedline" wheels growing on me - especially on the Blue car - still a concern about replacement tyre cost though.
  6. Took the wife and son to see the Megane RS250 and also looked at the RS Clio 200 too. No fatal approval issues - rear space is a bit constrained but isn't used too often so shouldn't be an issue. Think my wife liked the seats in the blue RS Clio Gordini but hated the white wing mirrors. Renault Windsor have sold all their previous RS250 (Yellow, White) and now have single White Cup Trophee with the 18" Black wheels and the cloth interior. Definitely getting more serious about the purchase. Have now discounted the yellow unless it can come in Liquid Yellow as per the LE AGP C
  7. If buy one I certainly intend to ask if I can factory order a Capsicum Red with the Keza wheels along with the black colour coding. I have a similar combination on my current car - Brilliant Red body with "Titanium" Double-Seven Spoke 18" wheels
  8. There's a third style? I was only aware of the black 18s and the 19" weird shaped ones In UK there is another 18" wheel - 10 Spoke, gun metal/"titanium" called "Keza" See http://www.renaultsport.co.uk/roadcars/ ... fault.aspx
  9. I popped back into Metro Renault in Windsor on Saturday for another look over the RS250. Not for a test drive, but to revisit my initial impression and research some more - particularly around my concerns. They have 3 in stock - White (up on the display ramp), Sports Yellow (demonstrator), and Extreme Blue (in showroom). I really don't like those 19" wheels......I think I'd order 18's if I pull the trigger. The dark grey front edge insert really doesn't sit well either. My order would have to go for the optional black trimmings in place of the dark grey. Rear space is pretty c
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the replies. I think there is still quite a way to go before I will make a decision either way regarding the RS250. Definitely need to drive it more, and get a better grip on the pros and cons, especially the latter. To be honest, if a Sprint Blue or Red Audi S3 Sportback with the options I wanted popped up for a good price, I would probably pull the trigger on that. I've had a good look around at the market and within the budget constraints I've set myself, there's little that meets enough of my criteria. Discounted - Mazda 3MPS (plastic, lacking co
  11. Hi, A long time ago, I previously owned 2 Renaults in the UK - a Clio 1.2, and Laguna 2.0 - both blue. Both were reliable and served us well. Since moving to Australia in '98 I've owned a Nissan Bluebird SSS (Silver with the HUD! ), 3 Mazda's - 121 Bubble, Astina SP20 in yellow, RX-8 in Winning Blue - and currently a red Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 Turbo Quattro with mods. Up to now, my long term plans have been to upgrade the A3TQ to a full S3 Sportback. Now I've not been blindly fixated on a S3. I've considered the Golf R, and even the BMW 135, M1 and a couple of others but di
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