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  1. Electric water pump that keeps pumping coolant around the turbo after turning the car off? Our Polo's got one, sits there mumbling to itself for a few minutes after a decent drive. Would certainly allow heat to radiate out - that's its job!
  2. hifiandmtb

    Deposit Down

    Land Rovers will mean any quality issues with your RS go unnoticed. Well played
  3. Looks awesome! But ditch those plates
  4. Magazine back issue availability should mean publishing old content is also off-limits: http://www.evo.co.uk/news/evonews/20227 ... ssues.html
  5. Why have you not just got your car back with a new engine by now? It's not rocket science
  6. Tell me why you upgraded from a Velostar so soon? They are pretty damn new so you can't have had it long. I assume you decided it sucked & would move it on quickly?
  7. Wow & wow to that price. Wow. The Red Bull Megane is pretty much a perfect spec for me too - cloth Recaros, 18" wheels, no bits & pieces you don't need.
  8. Please be more specific - I've read that you got the Red Bull 265 for $43k driveaway? Tell me it ain't so!
  9. Hey JD - I hope you told your family that you were taking them on a 3 hour drive recommended by some bloke on the internet
  10. Yes, can see the images now! I always thought it might be a newbie issue - I *did* look for something in the FAQ area to explain it but had to raise this thread. Thanks for the assistance - sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  11. Hi administrators, Can anyone help me understand why I can't view Tapatalk-uploaded images? This is the sort of error I'm seeing: Thanks for any help given!
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