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  1. Howdy R1, I just bought a 2002 172 and all I can say is, do it...NOW! It pays to be fussy, but not too fussy. I'm very fussy too but I was also aware that even a low k example can have oxidised headlights, less than perfect steering wheel/thumb grips and maybe a stiff clutch action. Likely also to have one or two little scratches/minor dints and a few scuffs on the alloys. Mine is a one lady owner, full service history 70,000k 172 and it had all of these niggly things. But it pays to remember they are just niggles, and they're all things that can be fixed with a few weekends work and
  2. DaveT172

    New 172 Owner

    Howdy Bluee, I just bought a 172 too and love it. Looks like you found yourself a goodun, well done, they're getting hard to find. Some of the mods available are very tempting but I do wonder how much more fun they can make the car...Think I'd rather spend the money on keeping the car in tip top original condition. Hoo roo Dave
  3. Who did your wheel Domlebo? It looks good, how much was it...I assume the wheel had to come off?
  4. The $285 key quote I got was from Essendon Renault Vic. That was $35.40 for the shank. $175 for the uncoded plastic remote bit and $75 for them to code it...which yes does require taking the car in. Massivechicken managed to get this down to $260 all up I think from a Renault dealer in Richmond Vic (see post above). Re the stiff clutch action, would love to hear from anyone who's replaced just their cable and had a much softer pedal as a results? As far as I know the clutch has never been replaced on mine (70,000k's) and apart from the action the clutch is fine, so I'm hesitant to replace
  5. Yeah you're right Domlebo, the immediate and very linear throttle of the 205 is a winner...the seats too, they look painful but are actually very comfy. I do love the 205 but at the moment I'm loving the clio more...particularly love that woofly induction noise when you give it some beans...I assume it's supposed to make that noise. Reckon I'll pop down to the Renault day at the Docklands...although I'm wary of lusting after Megane 250's and Clio 200's...how much better can they be Pics coming, when it stops raining.
  6. Ah yes I saw the silver one in front of the graffiti wall, after I'd bought mine...very nice car, good job I didn't see it earlier or we'd have had to draw swords at dawn...and I'm not talking 6B greylead. Domlebo, I don't feel quite as connected to the road in the clio as the 205...when you're going fast in the 205 you certainly feel like you're going fast and you get a better sense of exactly what each wheel's doing. The brakes on the clio are a bit sensitive for me, I prefer the feel of them on the 205. So I guess the 205 is probably more of a raw driving experience, super fun on the ri
  7. Wow, this forum's active, thanks guys for the quick replies. Thanks Massivechicken for the key recommendation, will send Brendan an email. Did you get the black one that was on Carsales at the same time, looked like a bargain, I think it was in Greenvale? I managed to knock $500 off the dealer with mine, but didn't want to push my luck as he kept saying they had appointments lined up throughout the day...normally I would've called his bluff, but after my past experience I knew I had to jump on it quick. I really think getting hold of a well looked after 172 for under 10,000 still repre
  8. Rhetorical question, because now I know, I just bought one and they're super-awesome to the power rad. I've always wanted one, ever since I read the Motor Mag bang for your buck article way back in 2002. I've had an auto alert on carsales for about 4 years and watched prices come down and kilometres and modifications go up. Over that time it seemed most cars were NSW based and the ones that popped up in Vic were more expensive and seemingly not as good. The good and reasonably priced ones that did pop up in Vic were very popular and I missed out on a few. Then a lovely flame red, 1 la
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