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  1. Hello, well was sidelined for the last 2 weeks, and just had a drive of my R26 F1. WOW, having just sold my RS200 Cup Trophee was a big change . Hear is a quick comparison 1. Suspension seems more compliant in the R26. 2. Steering in the Clio RS200 is super razor sharp compared to razor sharp in the R26. 3. The torque in R26 is very nice in the hilly area I live, GREAT NEWS... 4. The Clio is built to a much tighter spec as far as being screwed together, not rattles or squeeks.. The R26 has rattles in the door in both sides, when braking or changing gears , and some other noises from rear of car, will follow this in the Megane 2 section, do any of these sound common or known fixes or....are they just a function of owning the car and get used to them... All over happy with the R26, due to the torque spread... Hope you all have a good easter break...Cheers PGH
  2. Good Evening, been reading the forum for 6 months now, very educational and found the posts to be great reading every day. Live in Brisbane after being out of the country for the last 15 yrs, arriving back Feb 2010. Purchased a 2010 200 RS Cup Trophy in black last april, for one reason or another let it go after 9 months to a father and son who flew up from Melbourne and drove it home, that afternoon. ( wish RS made a decent DSG or something, to make it easier for the the wife to drive) After 2 months, was unable to go without a Renault Sport, and was happy to buy " Ol Mates" 2007 Megane R26 this afternoon. Need to work out how to post a photo... Big difference to the CLIO, a lot more low down grunt, handy in the hilly area we live in. Interstingly it drives smoother and less bumpy than out BMW... Look forward to a long relationship with OzRS. Cheers PGH
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