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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I know I prob should have got the dealer warranty but didn't want to max out the credit card so decided to purchase some eibach springs instead. Realise it may turn around and bite me but hope not! Also a mechanic I know from Canberra said they can service and tune the car with some software they source from a guy in Germany?? Does anyone know if this is possible or have any bad experiences with non Renault servicing?
  2. Awesome, looking forward to getting involved with forum events and meeting some other French car enthusiasts. I was also inspired by Walkie's 182 and 197 and would appreciate any hints or tips, both cars looked amazing and wouldn't mind in time doing some similar mods to the stock clio. Will keep posted!
  3. Hi all, I am returing to a Clio following a short-lived experience with a 172 project car a couple of years ago. I decided to spend some more money this time around (to my wife's dismay although I'm sure she'll love this car too) and picked up what seems to be a well kept blue Clio 197 from Artarmon in Sydney yesterday. I drove it home to Canberra last night and was delighted at the standard performance of the car following some rather boring city and highway driving Does anyone know much about the history of this particular car? Probably should have asked earlier but knew it would se
  4. Hi Ceejay I am also new to this forum and live in Canberra, have bought a 172 that needs some work. I have been told that Alpine motors in Phillip are the local Renault specialists and have been in business here for a number of years. Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. ajf07

    new 172 project

    Haha ajf is just my initials. My name is Alex. Still working on the car, have not yet heard back from evilb. Can anyone help me locate a timing belt cover? The one I was given in Sydney from a Megane just won't do the job. Should have most the other parts I need but this cover is the first step. Cheers
  6. ajf07

    new 172 project

    Wow, cannot believe how helpful this site has been already! Thanks for your responses! How come everyone is so quick, does the site generate update alerts or something? The south coast drive sounds like a bit of fun also. I am currently in the south of Canberra but will be moving to the G in a bit over a year. Atm, I am just looking to get it in a good working condition (fingers crossed!!) then consider some slight modifications possibly later even though I really like the colour and standard appeal of the car. I drove to Sydney last week to collect parts as didn't think there were an
  7. ajf07

    new 172 project

    Hi all I am new to this forum. Have recently bought a blue 2002 model 172 with some damage and have been intrigued by the model and its potential, can't wait to drive it once fixed!! I have taken this car on as a project before the baby is due. I love the shape and style of this french machine, have driven fords most my life. To begin it needed a bumper, bonnet, alternator, compressor, engine mount, timing cover... Have been successful sourcing most these parts from Sydney even though I live in Canberra So far the project is coming along well although after stripping brok
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