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  1. Yeah, I had thought about the Clio however I want something with a bit more response and urgency down low in the rev-range so you don't have to rev it as hard. My trip to and from work is all of 7 minutes each way and the car barely has time to warm up. I have driven a Polo and was quite impressed with the torque down low. The Clio has peak torque at 5500rpm whereas the Polo is at 1900rpm. For me that rules out most NA cars - plus with turbos they are easier to tune.
  2. Hey guys, I have joined this forum to utilise your knowledge and hopefully get some good advice along the way. I am hopefully looking to upgrade my car in the next 6 months and the Megane RS 225 has caught my eye amongst others. Being in Adelaide limits the choice of cars to drive which is a bit frustrating, but these things happen. Currently have a list of Golf GTI, Polo GTI, Audi S3, Focus XR5 and of course the Megane RS225 in some form - yes I know a bit of a varied bunch. Basically after a fun, hot hatch around $20k that will be used for mostly city driving along with the ocasional hills blat and has the space for a kid. Look forward to a bit of advice and lots of reading. Cheers, Daly.
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