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  1. Yes the key..... its a bit fatter than my last one on the RS265 so i didnt like it in my pocket so stick in the centre consol. For the first month I would walk away and think crap the key is back in the car 😂
  2. Yes you take of the gloss black inner handle, and whole door card. its not complicated. Then you need to drill out the snapped hole. I used a 4mm then 8 or 12mm larger bit at end . Then grab a bolt with large washer at the head end (this basically spreads the weight across the rest of th plastic handle bit) I think the washer was about 30-40mm but just see what fits in the handle section. Then in the rear of the door card I used a loctite nut, again quite wide outer diameter - maybe 20-25mm (or could use a washer) The idea is basically it puts the door weight spread across the washer/nut and the bolt just holds it. I went crazy with 1 x larger bolt and 1 smaller at top as a precaution Door is now bullet proof and far stronger than a new 1800 $ door card
  3. Drill bit, 8mm or 10mm bolt, wide washers and a loctite nut. $20 in parts max and an hour or so
  4. My black RS did this twice- I fixed with a 8mm drill bit, and then a 8mm bolt, some washes and locktite nut. Took me an hour all up. Just drilled and bolted bottom "hole/tab" and was faultless since
  5. I noticed a few days ago - no matter what forum section I go to only the first page shows with no link at bottom to pages 2 onwards anymore. I have used Firefox, Chrome etc but doesnt display pages 2 ....... 30 etc Any tips?
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