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  1. Ive always been a fan of the R32, not that I have owned one. I do like the big engine small car idea such as the R32 and even Alfa's 147GTA etc I have a local R32 in my area with a great sounding exhaust in a 2 door and it sounds amazing! Reminds me of the old M3 sound Buy one and let me know what you think😁
  2. Im out Cashmere/Joyner way so will hopefully see you about
  3. Understeer was only an issue if I was being a total tool when starting at a traffic light turning 90' and in first Id light it up lol. The diff really sorted most of it out on all other situations, but yeh of course you would get drift/centrifical force push the car out but not as much understeer as you would think. Made the car so fun
  4. Hi mate congrats on the 275. Yes I had 2 x RS265s and did tunes etc on both. Ok 1 was just a tune and was hilarious funny. No other mod and was great all year - no heat issues etc My other had tune, cat, intercooler full exhaust so was of course a bit quicker and had some real scary hustle when hitting top of 2nd and 3rd. Again no heat issues with intercooler. All gear was pretty much ex KTR UK and i need to do an order for my 280 so if you want to split shipping let me know lol
  5. If you want a Tonic Orange EDC ex demo cheap fly to Brisbane and drive home lol $37k WTF
  6. Yes the key..... its a bit fatter than my last one on the RS265 so i didnt like it in my pocket so stick in the centre consol. For the first month I would walk away and think crap the key is back in the car 😂
  7. Yes you take of the gloss black inner handle, and whole door card. its not complicated. Then you need to drill out the snapped hole. I used a 4mm then 8 or 12mm larger bit at end . Then grab a bolt with large washer at the head end (this basically spreads the weight across the rest of th plastic handle bit) I think the washer was about 30-40mm but just see what fits in the handle section. Then in the rear of the door card I used a loctite nut, again quite wide outer diameter - maybe 20-25mm (or could use a washer) The idea is basically it puts the door weight spread
  8. Drill bit, 8mm or 10mm bolt, wide washers and a loctite nut. $20 in parts max and an hour or so
  9. My black RS did this twice- I fixed with a 8mm drill bit, and then a 8mm bolt, some washes and locktite nut. Took me an hour all up. Just drilled and bolted bottom "hole/tab" and was faultless since
  10. I noticed a few days ago - no matter what forum section I go to only the first page shows with no link at bottom to pages 2 onwards anymore. I have used Firefox, Chrome etc but doesnt display pages 2 ....... 30 etc Any tips?
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