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  1. Dont go with the head. I bought a 320D BMW and also a Megane 4 GT and sold them both within 1 month. To be fair they were both good cars in their own right and I was trying to be practical, but the lack of excitment and drama that comes from a lesser car made me sad lol. Id still own them again and they are nice but when i went from GT to RS it was so much more thrilling. Depends what you need
  2. Yeh the termostats go at around that time. I had 2 x 265s and both needed to be done. i did 1 myself and it was straight forward but a pain in the knuckles lol
  3. Yes get Henk's tune. Its laugh like an idiot better. so much torque and silly quick
  4. Yes E-Go was great- I sent my 19" RS wheels & Tyres from Bris to Perth and just bubble wrapped, carboard to face and shrink wrap. I cant remember how much but was reasonable
  5. Wow that might mean I could sell mine with custom 20" forged wheels for high $30k or so
  6. Yes I also found going from previous RS265s as a daily for real estate became a little "tiring" in its ride. But part of me loved the hard core nature. LOL I drove both the Cup and sport and settled on the sport EDC due to the much nicer ride for work and longer Kms. I did notice at first going from LSD to none for a few weeks but now its not a thought. Not so much I made the wrong choice, just that it is different now I also hated the S001s for off the line, and changing to better rubber was great. I have 2 years on the car nearly and only issue is engine mounts ( 2nd replaced
  7. Im out Cashmere/Joyner way so will hopefully see you about
  8. Understeer was only an issue if I was being a total tool when starting at a traffic light turning 90' and in first Id light it up lol. The diff really sorted most of it out on all other situations, but yeh of course you would get drift/centrifical force push the car out but not as much understeer as you would think. Made the car so fun
  9. Hi mate congrats on the 275. Yes I had 2 x RS265s and did tunes etc on both. Ok 1 was just a tune and was hilarious funny. No other mod and was great all year - no heat issues etc My other had tune, cat, intercooler full exhaust so was of course a bit quicker and had some real scary hustle when hitting top of 2nd and 3rd. Again no heat issues with intercooler. All gear was pretty much ex KTR UK and i need to do an order for my 280 so if you want to split shipping let me know lol
  10. If you want a Tonic Orange EDC ex demo cheap fly to Brisbane and drive home lol $37k WTF
  11. Yes the key..... its a bit fatter than my last one on the RS265 so i didnt like it in my pocket so stick in the centre consol. For the first month I would walk away and think crap the key is back in the car 😂
  12. I noticed a few days ago - no matter what forum section I go to only the first page shows with no link at bottom to pages 2 onwards anymore. I have used Firefox, Chrome etc but doesnt display pages 2 ....... 30 etc Any tips?
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