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  1. Thats the closest https://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/24055-bits-pieces-seen-online/
  2. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    So this my Clio 4 cup as she is now. Still have warranty untill early 2020 so waiting till that's over before I really mod. Although they've been incompetent when it came to fixing the one thing i asked for (drivers window air noise) So far just Cabin fake induction block Stedi led headlights
  3. This happens with the RS too. Might read the guide to see if you can disable this 'feature' Similarly I only notice it's switched off when the cooling feels 'less' and you start getting random exhaust fumes.
  4. Are non specified domains blocked from these features? I am able to add code for an interactive image which successfully displays in the preview, but becomes a blank post once submitted. Ie. Youtube.com bbcodes work, this does not. <iframe width="800px" height="500px" src="https://kuula.co/share/7fS8x"allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  5. This exactly. Most of my JDM friends expected me to have an endless list of issues. In fact, the only ones which happened were due to mods, and user error. If you are happy to do some research when issues seem to be arising, and for parts, I find it only costs around 10-20% more than my previous JDM cars. The upper end of that figure is also because with my japanese cars, I could and would go to a few cheap garages (with my own oils and parts) One thing to take note though - If you are someone who intends to buy heaps of bits and pieces for mods/ wheels etc, these aren't the best cars - the Meg 2 in particular. Good luck finding wheels with the stupidly rare pcd and offset.
  6. Correct with the variants. Cannot buy the r26.R here Nothing wrong with that price depending on kms, service and general condition. Obviously haggle etc. I've been told that in general the Meganes have less issues than the clios (equivalent yr model) I can agree with this, although in fairness my Clio was pretty issue free too.
  7. toshin

    New R26 Owner

    good choice! haha look how much the car stands out in the first pic!
  8. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Sitting on H&R springs Soon to be on coilovers
  9. toshin

    Deposit Down

    Your last sentence is exactly why Renault needed/decided this. I hear that all too often. hopefully good sales spur them onto a less profitable manual version too!
  10. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Pretty happy with the sound now! Too much bass in fact! Gotta play with the settings more. I was planning to change the fronts, but then saw that the oem speakers are actually Blaupunkd...probably explains why people don't hear any real difference with the Panasonics.. This sub does not need a direct battery connection, has an active amp and is ~$200 shipped. Single plug when you want to remove it, too. Heres a sound clip which sortof works if you have a Sub.
  11. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Front pads change, courtesy of my friend... and a bunch of stuff for the other Meg. Haven't even properly washed the car yet Still looks amazing! Any chance I can get this moved to the rides forum?
  12. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Haha yes! well that would also apply to me
  13. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Rego'd and sans roof racks. Hope the pics show now? I think they needed to be in my public skydrive folder. Anyway Walkie, refer back to when you said i'll enjoy buzzing by 'un-noticed' in the Clio. Well that definitely doesn't apply now haha!
  14. toshin

    New LY R26 owner

    Just picked up my new ride! Been a tough week for me at work with redundancies and other personal issues. Was pondering a loan for a 250 but in hindsight i'm lucky I didn't! This was like a huge shining...yellow light at the end of the tunnel. Shame I barely got it past 3k rpm due to the peak time hume hwy traffic haha. Anyway, pretty obvious who the previous owner is: it has a sunroof. Firstly, a huge thanks to Esoteric, who provided me with whatever pics and information I requested without delay. Hope to see him in a 250 in the near future (which i'll happily also buy unsighted ). I bought it sight unseen and I must say everything is as described. The entire process/transaction went smoothly and without issue, albeit random confusion due to phone/email correspondence only. If i'm honest, i'd never have done this with any of my previous cars. It's the OZRS community, and the integrity of most owners which make things like this possible imo. Example: in my search, I came across the infamous FIR-26T (will resurrect that thread with new details). The owner immediately told me it was a writeoff without me asking. In my JDM days i'd get "bro it was just in a small front end ding" when the car was actually written off twice. True story. Anyway, other than the timing belt which may need to be done asap, it is a real pleasure to drive Will definitely try make the next meet, but in the meanwhile...cya on the roads!
  15. toshin

    Melb - New Clio 197

    One of the only reasons I wasn't interested in 197/200 clios is that they don't have factory HIDs/xenons. Ridiculous they went backwards from the 172/182s. Any information in how yours came with them? Xenons and a sunroof and I would definitely consider one. Love the DC5 btw. I miss the low offset wheels look too =/
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