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  1. Hello Wazza, and welcome to the site. I've had mine since the begining of october adn love it to pieces.
  2. Well guys, as of this Saturday I should be a proud owner of a new 20th anniversay clio. It was a hard choice to make but it had to be made. So excited can't wait.
  3. Welll again I must say thank you too all of you. Your input has been very valuable. It would seem that the clio is looking like the winner and I must say I did enjoy it and if and when I get one I really can't wait to get up on some mountain roads.
  4. Thanks for all your advise guys. I shoud point out that my name is Adrian and that real_jarod is a user name I have used for years now... Sorry for the confusion. I agree with you all I do think the clio is the better choice. To be honet though this all started after seeing the Megane RS 250 and then finding out I might not be able to afford one so decided to take the Clio for a test drive. After having a long talk to my partner I might wait and see what happens with the meh=gane and pricing and see what the Clio Gordini is like at the sydney motor show.
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm another new member to ozrenaultsport. I'm looking at purchasing a Clio RS 200 cup trophee or Gordini after taking a 20th Anniversary for a spin and I must say that I had a blast. However I'm faced with a predicament where I can't decide whether to get a renault or get a Corolla Levin ZR. So to help I was wondering if you guys could give me an idea of what a typical service would cost. I currently live in brisbane if thats any help.
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