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  1. I have a newborn at the moment and use the megane most weekends even with the child seat flat. If it were 2 then it would be challenging to say the least. If they hop in and its just a matter of buckling up then no issue as there is plenty of space. Recaros help being thin .... You will love the megane!!!! I've come from a long list of cars that include a 135i, Audi S3, Focus xr5, 300 kW at the wheel xr6t (get over going straight fast!!!), wrx. I originally bought a 225 cup (cheap run around) and fell in love. Good luck with finding a car. Be aware there are a couple 250 on the market that I've been warned off when purchasing mine a couple of months back (black one with updated 265 front and yellow with aftermarket wheels here in NSW) Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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