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  1. That blue [emoji7] I'm looking for one to transplant my BO 225 cup in to. Hopefully you will be on the road soon Matt. - Jason Sent from my SHIELD Tablet using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  3. dream garage of the RCCA President Hi all, apologies for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Jason Emmelkamp, husband to a gorgeous wife, dad to two beautiful kids lucky owner of a R8 Gordini (R8G), recent purchaser of a RS Clio 172 and President of the Renault Car Club of Australia. You may of seen R8G at AFCD and SECC over the years and no doubt I have spoken with a few of you at those events. Dom raves about your community, honestly I'm jealous of it but never really had the need to participate as I'm young guy with old school Renault attitudes. It has it's downfalls though. My family owned a Renault dealer and workshop back in the 60's and 70's called E&A Motors with the workshop only running in the 80's and 90's. Emmelkamp and Anderson is the E&A part started by my grandfather and his friend, my grandfather, my dad, my uncle and myself are all mechanics . I left the trade 15 years ago and went in to IT, probably hoping my son doesn't follow in the family career line. Back in those days when Dauphines, R8G's, R10S's were abundant my uncle and dad got to do whatever they wanted performance wise to Gordini's and the like. Due to the rarity of them now I don't have that luxury, case in point is my Pertronix and MSD 6A electronic ignition setup on R8G that almost got me publicly flogged amongst the purists. Enter the recent acquisition of a 2001 Monaco Blue RS Clio 172 (Ph2) allowing me to keep my R8G as a collectable and my tinkering hobby alive. I'll post my plans for it in the RENAULTsport Clio II thread as I'm keen for input on my ideas and there is a story behind it's "acquisition", my wife calls it stole but more on that later. Also if there is anyway I can help through the RCCA just ask. I hope to catch up for a face to face one day in the future soon. Take care and safe travels. -Jason
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