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  1. Sorry - brain fade. It apparently helps if you can navigate a simple computer UI. James
  2. Is the PayPal account still active? Regards. James
  3. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    I'll let you know how the end of warranty inspection/service turns out; it's scheduled for later this month. The avatar looks almost like an alien, especially when you view it upside down. Granted this is not easy to do when it's on a computer monitor Thanks to all. James
  4. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    Whoa! It's not grey, it's urban camouflage!!!! lol Yes, that'd me.
  5. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    Thanks. I'll try to get along. Many thanks to Mark (in Wollongong) for recommending the site. James
  6. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    Is it okay to ask about recommended mechanics for this car? Say, in Sydney? If so, where do I post that question? The car is coming up to the end of it's warranty and I'd like someone to got through it and advise any likely fixes while still under warranty. James
  7. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    Man, that was quick! Wollongong based, (I think one of two Victory Yellows). No photos to post just yet - I've been pretty tardy in that respect. James
  8. bigtoy

    Another R26!

    Hey! I'm an owner of an R26 for about 12 months now, and have finally come to post to the forum. Hello to all. Lovely car, touch wood, and having fun finding all those quirky touches that seem peculiar to French cars. Very happy to post here. Regards. James
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