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  1. R26R

    Hiya all

    brendan, Why don't you come to mccarroll's hyundai and came meet me.
  2. R26R

    Hiya all

    Look i'm just asking for your opinion and what you think about it. You guys really haven't made me feel welcome to this forum, it really is abit disappointing knowing all you guys are representing Renault Australia. Appreciated to the people that answered my question.
  3. R26R

    Hiya all

    Dish its alright mate!!! I really haven't thought of asking my wholesale's person just yet because i found out about this site and i would rather buy a Renault off one of you guys since you know how to treat it and look after it! Guys l'm just going to ask you for all your opinion and i'm going to post this question in the clio Section so please comment on it..The question is There's a renault clio V6 on carsales and the seller is asking for $71k thats WAY out of my budget of course but im just really curious what you all think about the price tag..Do you think its Way over priced..how much would you pay for the car and how much should it be advertised for?
  4. R26R

    Hiya all

    Tyrekickers!!! Mate why u having a go at me for??? I just want to know as much information i can get before buying a megane, DISH thanks for the warm welcome.
  5. R26R

    Hiya all

    Well we all know that french cars aren't reliable as much, but how does the meggy came along in terms of build quality, What are the main problems that meggy's have?
  6. R26R

    Hiya all

    What a joke, Please tell me you banned the kid, he doesn't deserve to be on this forum, i Know for a fact his a rich Bastard and his daddy's boy and gets what he wants..Band him. I'm a car salesmen at Mccarroll's Hyundai in Artarmon and i currently drive a Honda Accord Euro...It would be Nice if people who own a meggy could give me some Pro's(Good) and Con's(Bad) about it, im interested to know what meggy owns have to say as im looking to purchase one.
  7. R26R

    Hiya all

    No that's not me dude!! i know a guy that has some Peugeot with rims on and his always near that area, Only know him as hi and bye met him through a friend at university...Why what did he get up to in this forum.
  8. R26R

    Hiya all

    Hiya guys, I'm new to this forum i'm from Sydney i don't own a Renault but i'm looking to Buy a Renault megane sports either the victory yellow f1 team R26 or just a 225 cup....its just i guess whatever is on offer, my budget is no more then 31k, i'm abit disappointed that the R26 are in the high 30's but i guess it's just a matter of waiting for someone to sell there's in the low 30's....if you know anyone that has a megane and would like to sell it please don't hesitate to contact me Thank you all
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