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  1. Back to the search... Could I please ask the forum gurus for some assistance with my search for a megane Cup, my knowledge is limited at this stage on Meganes. 1. What are the obvious physical differences between a 225 and 225 Cup? 2. Does the Cup come with drilled front rotors? 3. Did the Cup come with all leather seats or was this optional? 4. Were do I find the Car I.D plate with all the vehicle specs to check authenticity, I have not noticed this under the bonnet on one I have looked at? 5. Were the the silver spoke mag wheels optional on all 225's and Cups? or only released on the Cup models? 6. Do Cup's have a traction control or ESP button that can be switched on or off? 7. Why are there 2 types of front spoilers on meganes, is one off the pre 2006 model and the other the later? 8. Why do some meganes have silver wing mirrors and others are colour coded to the body? 9. The megane I looked at had all leather seats and a single CD unit and also a 6 stacker cd unit, is this a LX or luxury model? The vehicle I looked at on the weekend is being sold by a third party and at this stage the log books are not with the vehicle, I have requested these prior to making any commitment to purchase. Any assistance from members with my quest for ownership of a Cup would be greatly appreciated and sorry for all my questions. Cheers Adam (Brisbane)
  2. Hello Everyone, Just want to say g'day to you all and cannot wait to find my own Meg and start the journey of fun! The search is on....
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