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  1. Thank you. Occaisionaly I entertain the idea of replacing the meg with something slightly more practical for a growing family, (forester turbo, stagea etc). What the hell am I thinking, nothing in my price range could hold a candle to my little French firecracker, especially not after replacing an engine mount today, it is pleasure on wheels.
  2. SON OF A @#$$%^&%^&*@#@#$%$% %$%$%#@ V@@##$$ Oh sweet as
  3. Tuner ordered. Please tell me I ordered the right one Product = Renault RSTuner kit; Version: RSTuner Standard Car: Megane 2 RS R25/R26® (+ €25,21) Calibration: Performance Accessories: N/A Quantity = 1 SKU = PROGRST Price = €184,03
  4. Gave her some stick today and am actually happy with the change. For one, the best note is between one and two thousand rpm which is great for fuel consumption( as I'm no longer belting it just to hear the whistle), and tapping the throttle at the lights gives a sweet little burbling sound. The other improvement is the pops on the deceleration. Above 5000 rpm there is a nice growl aswell. If you don't mind losing the whistle it's a cheap, satisfying mod. Now just waiting on the next batch of RStuners
  5. Yeah, the air whoosh sound created with the drift air filter was fun for about 5 minutes. There was just too much air and nothing else! Resonator gone, so is my parrot that used whistle maniacly from under the bonnet. I loved that little guy. . I have achieved a nice burble at start up and idle and a general hum through the cabin. Am yet to give it some curry but I reckon there will be popcorn.
  6. I can see the RStuner as the next step for sure, but as a quick and purely aural mod I hope the res. removal will complement the cars wicked performance (without the strife noticing). Will make myself known to everyone here next meet.
  7. G'day Jeffster, the resonator removal was, I thought, just a mild noise increase (maybe a few crackles and pops) whereas the back-box removed allowed for a more serious (loud) note? This is a covert mod as I've actually been instructed by the wife to sell the "bloody car". She doesn't even drive! Appreciate the advice chaps. The car is technically for sale but at a price that should discourage any interest.
  8. Righto, where does one pickup ITG's in Sidtown?
  9. Cheers! Best purchase ever. A few tweaks on the cards. Resonator- not essential it seems? $90 to replace it with straight pipe. Doing it tomorrow I think?? Removed the airbox and slipped in a cone filter. Waste of freaking time and blood. Sounded all whooshy and blowy with a flu-like blow-off sound. Put the original setup back in. Might find a better panel filter (I.T.G, Green Cotton)?
  10. Done, Black Beauty in "members rides".
  11. Excellent points there people and yes Brendan that is the car you're thinking of. I am waiting on the reply to my offer which is more than I have seen some advertised for but (struth, I hope they can't see this!) I've driven it a couple of times and it is devastating to have to give it back
  12. Many thanks Brendan, Apologies for the abruptness of my initiation , but there is an element of haste due to the end of the financial year looming. Those phase I wheels (17's) look nice, until that is you get a look at the 18's on the phase II and the cups sweet. The upside is I assume that the 17's would be slightly cheaper to shod. In any case I look forward to whipping around the place very soon. PS I ruled out several cars in my search for a fun new ride: The Focus XR5 was comfy and smooth but lacked a bit of animal. (lovely exhaust note though) The 3 MPS was scary to drive
  13. Thanks griffyn, I take it the changes made to the phase II are not significant enough to worry about. For what it's worth the car I've seen (and driven ) is at the Renault dealership in Waitara and it seems fine, anyone know of the car?
  14. G'day, would anyone advise against an '04 rsm with 50k on the clock? Should I hold out for an updated '06? Time is of the essence. No cup or 3dr versions, unfortunately, as the kids will be in the back. Cheers
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