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  1. Where is said site? I’d like to get a few stickers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. benxb9r

    Image posting

    Hi Peeps, sorry I have forgotten how to post photos. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Close to home and work, might have time for a sneaky one
  4. Food trucks sound great. Where is it? Yep frb. Was going to send to sa, soarer guy.
  5. Well, I wanted a toy. I've now got a little 182 in blue. Needs a little love but overall it's a great thing to drive. In vic and keen to visit the track a bit once I have the tyres/brakes and belts sorted! This is my fourth RS. I've been in boring company cars for a while so keen to have some fun again. Now I've got to go and figure out how to pull the steering wheel off for a refurb....
  6. benxb9r

    Megane Iv Gt

    Hi all, been out of the Renault sport family for a while. Looking at upgrading the wife's boring Subaru Outback. I was keen on the Rs 220 clio but was a bit small for her. I'm now seriously considering the Megane GT with premium pack. Has anyone driven one? I just use it as a run about but wanted something not a golf gti..... like to hear thoughts on the car. Ps my last Rs was the 225, loved it. Not as much as my first and second 172's thou!
  7. benxb9r


    Yep Ace225, I recon that was my car! Just got dark windows and a lot more noise from my Greens induction kit! We'll have to go for a run in the hills one day soon..
  8. benxb9r


    Just updated profile, in Melbs mate. Dark Silver colour.. I had troubles with my email hence my late arrival on here from MS.net
  9. benxb9r


    Hey Guys! Just picked up my new RS Megane 225 3 door the other day! Love the thing to bits already. This is my third RS, i've had two clio 172's before.. Love that the megane is a bit "softer" around town and a blast once you hit the loud pedal! Look forward to joing in on a few social runs with fellow enthusits.. Cheers and thanks for a great forum!
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