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  1. Toddles

    New to here

    Thanks guys. I'm sure I will manage to find whatever I need on here. Search through when I have time just reading the back-log of information just to find out a bit more about random things. Been driving it a fair bit of late, I do a hell of a lot of driving, and still enjoying it, so that is a good thing. It was a toss up for me between blue and silver. Never saw a silver one in the flesh, so went for blue. I was originally going to get a HSV VXR Nurburgring Edition which are white, rather liked the look of them. But the HSV dealers weren't all that impressive, so looked else where, bought something else and am happy I did.
  2. Toddles

    New to here

    Yeah have heard about putting it under the drivers seat. Didn't like the idea at the time, but have had a few people raise some valid points for putting it there. I still need to test it out on the car to see if I will be happy with it. Ipod isn't a major thing to me, was more of just a good to know sort of deal. So will just watch out for discussion on that topic.
  3. Toddles

    New to here

    G'day, Recently took order of a new 09 - Megane RS 225 Cup in Blue. I have this thing for blue cars, not sure why. Only had the car for about a week, but I drive a fair bit during the week and the Megane is my daily, which it is beautiful for. The only things I want to sort out for it at the moment are positioning of a fire extinguisher and seeing what options there are for connecting an ipod to the standard audio (not that this worries me, I don't even own an Ipod, just want to know for my own knowledge). Want to get the windows tinted too, just not sure if the window tinting will make the windows go up and down slower, which can happen sometimes. Just depends on how tight the window seals are. At the moment the windows work beautifully and I don't want to change that. Plan to keep the car pretty much as is. May make a few minor modifactions as the years go on and I see things that take my fancy, but at the moment I just want to keep it as it is, after all it is pretty bloody good already. Cheers Todd
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