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  1. Euge

    new rs

    Is there a local company that does it here you can suggest?
  2. Congrats on the ride and love the colour... Hope to see you on the road soon
  3. great pics mate.. welcome to Australia with that car anytime...
  4. Euge

    SQL Error

    having issues too....sigh!!! was trying to put notice in sightings... well I guess you will end up here until its fixed so spotted Red 172 on king street which then turned onto Broadway at about 8:20 this morning.... SB .. ..
  5. welcome champ.... love the blue with the yellow disc brakes....
  6. Euge

    Hello World

    welcome.. enjoy !!! fun times ahead
  7. Hey peps, I know im not a newbie but its at the top of the forum.. and it needs to be known For people who are looking at renewing their warranty for their treasured rides need to do so by the 31st of March regardless of when your 3 years is up.. something about the warranty company no longer looking after Renault. Hope this helps some of you. see you around Euge
  8. Euge

    F1 # 26

    jamie, yes it was the one from Newtown... snapped it up very quickly thanks for all the love peps.. much love back
  9. Euge

    F1 # 26

    matts3231, it is the clio 182...
  10. Euge

    F1 # 26

    everyone is just so lovely in here.. thanks for the warm welcome ITHELIVING - from Sydney.. inner west Traki - mate you can always use mine when you sell yours really looking forward to a drive day and meeitng everyone.. stay cool
  11. Euge

    F1 # 26

    hahaha yes the long way home.. its always the best
  12. Euge

    F1 # 26

    hey in here.. just letting you know that I have rencently purchased an F1 #26 clio sport, am loving it to bits, plus when ever you see another clio sport.. waving, honking, chatting etc etc.. what a car! anyway viva la renault
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