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  1. I grew up in the bay, used to own a 172 but now live in Melbourne. You should get your next service at Acco Motors in Cranbrook Road. Friends of mine opened it up a little over 12 months ago, good guys, know their stuff. Tell them Moe sent you
  2. That's my old car, oh the memories! Looks nice with the 182 wheels on! You must have a few spare 15s laying around now. You also have some times to beat Winton - 1:45.25 Sandown - 1.33.19 Phillip Island - 2.05.XX (this one should be easy, only got 2 dry sessions) Hopefully beat those once I get rid of the prius rubber on the 86.
  3. The good end indeed. I just bought a black 2004 Clio 172 and live up that end of chappel too. See you guys around.
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