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  1. I've had a crack at it, let me know what you think. Thanks, Craig.
  2. Thanks blackie, Yes, I have the 15's, I was going to swap them back for the Khanacross but ran out of time. I reckon the higher profile sidewall should make a bit of difference in uneven surface compliance. I am thinking of getting some Toyo RA-1's for the 15's for hillclimbs but then I don't really want to use them for grass events, I think I need another set of 15's to put rally tyres on but that's probably getting a bit ridiculous!
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for making me feel welcome, It's great to be part of this community. Well, Is there any limit to this little car's capabilities? We did a local Khanacross on the weekend (grass paddock, like a motorkhana but faster and more open) 22 competitors, 11 of which were rally cars with obviously rally tyres and 11 on road tyres. I won the road tyre class and was fifth outright, that's right, I beat 6 rally cars. Just to show the might of the little beasty, my mate drove it as well and got 2nd in road tyres and 7th outright! Here's some pics: It's not just the rally cars that can chuck the dirt! The paddock looks rough but it was actually quite smooth, it nearly bottomed once but that was down the back straight in 3rd gear! Bit of understeer here coming out but the finish garage is on the left, just a quick bit of hand brake and bob's your uncle! Hope you like 'em.
  4. There was an MR2 turbo, a Mazda 3 sp23, minis, corollas, civics, a Golf GTi, Liberty 4wd plus the usual nissans, datsuns, fords etc.
  5. They are just the no-name ones that come with the Bob Jane $1100 wheel and tyre package, The brand is "Antyre" - never heard of them but they have eagle F1 tread pattern, are fairly soft and will cop a bit of a pizzling with the hillclimbs.
  6. Here are the times, I'm the second one down, The courses were: crossover, manoeuvering, eccentric, tiger moth, triple loop, double bone and pentagon. Not sure if I've remembered those in order. Notice the slow time on the last one, I forgot to turn the bloody ESP off and it certainly didn't like the attitudes I was trying to get! Reckon I lost at least 2 seconds but motorsport's full of excuses.
  7. Hi Guys, I have Just Purchased Black04RSC (Rob's) car last week and man, what an awesome little weapon these things are! You see, the motorsport bug has bitten once again and after an ill-fated exercise with a Swift GTi that just didn't do the job I did a bit of research including looking on this forum and figured, hang the expense, I'll get one of these Clio Sport jiggers. Having previously owned a VW Bora V6 4Motion, a WRX, a Civic VTi-R, 2 Laser 4WD Turbos, RX-7, RX-4 Coupe, Twin cam Corollas, various V8's etc., I have some experience but this thing is already my favourite! Took it up to Armidale on the weekend for a motorkhana they have on the skid-pan at the driver training centre there and stuff me, never driven the car before, never driven there before, 38 competitors, most of which were experienced locals and I managed to win class B and get second outright! I think it may be competitive when I get fully used to the car eh? Hand brake needs a bit more grunt though, my left arm was stuffed by the end of the day from reefing the bloody thing so hard! Anyway, that's enough crapping on, I just wanted to introduce myself and tell all you guys what you already know, these RSC's are the duck's guts. Thanks for this forum, Craig.
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