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  1. Hi Brendan Congratulations on the purchase! It looks like a sweet ride and it will be great to see another flame red clio around the north shore area. Where abouts on the north shore are you mate?
  2. >CLI08U<


    Nice one mate! Congratulations on the purchase and I hope this car brings you much fun
  3. Hey ppl I need a sticker for my clio and a set of cards. PM with the details and I will find a way to hook you up with the cash ^_^
  4. Quote: Clio Sport built 11/2002 first registered 2003. 50,000km Full log book & service history, One owner. Has always been run on Premium Unleaded. Thousands spent on modifications, front LSD, Bilstein suspension shock absorbers and springs, stainless steel tuned length extractors, full 2.5in custom stainless steel exhaust system, ram pod air filter, stage 1 camshaft, heavy duty clutch, cross drilled and slotted brakes, hi-performance break pads, 17inch Lenso wheels, tinted windows. European number plates included. Excellent condition inside and out. Very quick car, with the handling and stopping power to match. Excellent all round package very fun to drive. Has to be one of the fastest P-plater legal cars. Economical on fuel also. Hey Guys I was just having a look through the forum to see if I could discover any further history about my car and I found the thread talking about the sale of my vehicle. To follow up on some of the themes from the thread from a buyers perspective: I bought the car off a young guy (the same age as me 21) and was told a simple resonator would solve the loud exhuast (which it didn't) Here is my owners experience to date 1) I haven't vouched the integrity of all mods quoted and I am now severely skeptical if I even have some of them (eg extractors, LSD and stage 1 camshaft) I am still unsure how I can vouch for these mods 2) Teki you were right more mods on french cars does mean more problems (RE: my exhaust problem which has still not been solved) 3) I found out two weeks ago I have an aftermarket windscreen without the tinting and my sensor for auto headlights/washers has been taken off so it doesnt work 4) The cat was "punched out" in the exhuast so it required replacing 5) The owner told me if had ESP for me only to later find out it didn't 6) The clutch is extremely stiff in peak hour traffic So there have been alot of flaws in buying the car however I love the car to death there have been some good points: The insurance premium is not to shabby and is very similar to a standard clio sport (although I havent informed my insurer of any mods) The car does seem to go hard, stop hard and handle pretty well. However I havent driven other clios for comparison and I would love for a 182 cup driver to take my car for a spin and tell me what they think of it relative to theres... So to stop my rambling here is the moral of the story: If you are going to buy a second hand car: 1) do your research 2) Stick with stock and do the mods yourself 3) If the car does have mods get all receipts no matter how minor
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