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  1. the roof is integral to the strength of the car. (think about a cardboard box when you take the lid off - for an example) I cant think of many reasons why the bonnet and boot couldn't be made of the same plastic though. but there probably is! far enough, I was thinking about it coz I know some Germans, namely M3 CSL, has a carbon fibre roof. But I guess carbon fibre is significantly different to the plastics used on the RCS
  2. It would be cool if all the panels were made of plastics.... esp the roof. Major weight savings?! Or is it for structural reasons they're not used?
  3. I'm pretty sure the front body panels (over the front wheels) are made of some kind of plastic... not metal! Check it out!!! I was being anally observant one day when I was waxing the car
  4. correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've discovered that the front side panels of the care (the ones over the front wheels) are made of plastics!!! I thought that was pretty cool.... I always thought why car manufacturers don't make all body panels from plastics - no rust, no dents and much lighter than steel
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