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  1. Hi - Thanks for the reply. Once I pulled off the door handle outer cover, realised that I could do a quick fix. As the heads of the 2 screws had pulled through the handle and by a bit of a bit of a relief of the webbing around the hole I could put on a couple of washers to support the inner handle. Pretty snug now, but not to be used!
  2. After reading this, yesterday my drivers handle came away at the bottom on the odd occasion that I didnt use the top of the door (as the door was wide open). Can you please elaborate on your method? Door card off?
  3. Bought my son a 197 to learn in - the 265 has an easier and lighter clutch which he appreciated after the trial by 197.
  4. How do I edit a for sale entry - does not seem to be function for the posting?
  5. kedobu


    Got a constipated PM outbox - message won't send
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