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  1. Was after a handbrake cable retaining clip for a 265 (near rear wheel). None in Aus (quoted around $16), but tried allcarpartsfast.co.uk. Was A$4.46 for the plastic clip - but they wanted A$26.93 for the postage! Bit expensive. Anyway, then got an email from Mike Aldridge from Endonservices as below: Anyway, following my reply he said that he could ship for half price once I ordered and refund half of the online quoted price. So roughly $18 landed and probably will be a darn sight quicker than what Renault could do.
  2. Matt Very true. Go to a good restaurant and tell 2 people - bad tell 22. Guess I was looking for a more recent opinion than the above 2019. Need the seller to box, measure and weigh. Will get a quote depot to depot also to try and save.
  3. Looking to get some wheels picked up in Canberra and shipped here to Melb. Any ideas (e-go seem to now have terrible reputation) and other quotes expensive. Or anyone making a trip to Melb (restrictions allowing)?
  4. Bought my son a 197 to learn in - the 265 has an easier and lighter clutch which he appreciated after the trial by 197.
  5. How do I edit a for sale entry - does not seem to be function for the posting?
  6. kedobu


    Got a constipated PM outbox - message won't send
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