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  1. Haha, oh yes......the obligatory dig at me for not actually owning a Cliosport. How could I guess that was coming? This is an enthusiast forum Grant, not specifically an owners forum. Likewise, why don't you tell me how your Clio is going?
  2. Thanks Paul. I reckon you've done a top job by the way. You've handled the task of admin with aplomb. I'd donate to the running of the site if I had an easy way of getting the money to you. Have you got some bank details that we could use?
  3. That translates to: I can't remember why this forum started, so I'll make up something and stick with it. And since I don't use the other one anymore, I will assume that its already dead and last centry's technology because I'm at the forefront of techno stuff. Hey Karl that's not exactly correct. I know perfectly well the reasons why this board was created but I was just describing the benefits in a general manner. I still use the other distribution list on occasion.
  4. This is what I took as an affiliation, hence my comment about affilitation of any sort. A club hosting an enthusiast website is still an affiliation, and this is what I reckon should be avoided. I don't intend any harm with my comments, and I respect your work within the RCCA community. I just think the forum shoud remain much the same as it is, and it seems others are agreeing with me (which is an odd feeling)
  5. We? Oh it's an us-and-them thing is it? Glad we got that sorted. The whole reason what got started? This forum? I don't think so. I thought it was started because it presented a much better and easier format than the ancient Yahoogroups setup. Email distribution lists once worked well, but with the advent of bulletin boards such as this the mailing list format is dieing a quick death. Are you drunk? Hey Grant....done that testing yet? I'd be really interested to know how it went.
  6. Moosey is on the money, as usual. I was one of the original (and very few) advocates of this forum and I'm gobsmacked to see how successful it has been. Who cares if people ask the same question over and over again? If you find this a problem, I suggest you piss off. I would have the primary purpose of an enthusiast populated internet forum would be to assist those that are not as knowledgeable. Vote 1 for no affiliation, of any sort. The only upgrade I can suggest would be to use a better BB setup. I'd contribute to a vBulletin upgrade I reckon.
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